Preventing SUICIDE of Students: Management of alarming stress levels

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"For all the Parents like myself who have lost their child.

 For all the departed souls of Students who gave up their lives.

 For our present and future generations of Students.

 To all the Individuals who want to prevent Student Suicides."

I write this with the only intention to decrease the prevailing highly STRESSFUL situations faced by the Students of Pre-University and their Parents. Many of the existing PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes are following a process of imparting the curriculum in a manner which leads to the creation of these STRESSFUL conditions.

By doing so these PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes are compromising the noble objectives of education in their result oriented approach which inevitably causes STRESSFUL situations that percolate down to the Students and their Parents.

Many a times this STRESS is detrimental to the correct decision making abilities of Parents and Students and thereby hampers their Well-being. If not addressed adequately, this situation will inevitably cause frustrations. This state of being is extremely detrimental for the mental well-being of the Student.

This is an extremely dangerous condition faced by the Students who are only Teenagers.  The severity of the STRESS can result in the most grievous state of being for the Parent who loses their Child to the act of SUICIDE.

Parents themselves are undergoing stressful conditions of their own such as going through a midlife crises and thereby adds on to the stress levels of the family as a whole.

As a Citizen of India, Resident of Karnataka and a grieving Parent, I request you to take into consideration the Proposals mentioned below. 

Enforcement of these Proposals will be the FIRST BABY STEP taken towards letting our Teenage PU Students learn without undue STRESS. Let our Nation and State not lose their youth who are our Country’s assets and future at the rate of "ONE Life per HOUR" 


a)     All PU Colleges, Aided or Unaided,

b)     All Tutorials integrated with PU colleges

c)     All Tutorials conducting classes for an entire academic year  

d)     All other Educational Institutes/Coaching/Tutorial Centres teaching PU syllabus

The following Proposals are especially relating to those PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes ["a),b),c),d)"] teaching Engineering OR Medical aspirants.          

Subjects inclusive of: Math, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Languages.



1. Admission Process and Collection of Fees.

a)     Admission test/entrance test by PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes must not be conducted before the 10 standard exams are over.

b)     Admission process by PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes must start only after the 10 standard results are announced.

c)     Fees may not be collected by PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes before the beginning of the admission process.

d)     Fees for the entire academic year shall not be collected upfront in one or two payments but rather only fees for the first quarter may be collected.

Subsequent to admission, Fees shall be collected on a Quarterly basis. 

e)     If a Parent has failed to pay the Fees in time, then the PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes must not inform the Student by announcing the same in the classroom or in any manner deemed to be shameful or harsh to the Student. 

The PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes SHOULD only notify the Parent about the non-receipt of Fees and provide an opportunity to the Parent to express his/her constraints and provide a grace period if so required.


a)     Allows Students to focus on 10 Std Board exams.

b)     Allows both Students and Parents to make correct decisions about future career choices because of the availability of adequate time.

c)     Will reduce the financial burden of the Parents and enable them to plan for this expense over a longer period of time

d)     It allows students the opportunity to drop out of undesirable courses, or change into new courses, as per their aptitude and liking as there is a favourable fee structure which causes less financial burden on the parents.


2. Teaching Hours and Curriculum taught

a)     The number of Teaching Hours per day MUST NOT EXCEED 5 1/2 Hours and the duration of each period SHOULD NOT exceed 60 minutes.

b)     Two or more consecutive periods should not have the same subject.

Eg: Math period should not be followed by another Math period

Biology period must not be followed by another Biology period.

c)     PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes must not teach their Students any part or portion of 2nd PUC/12th Std curriculum in 1st PUC/11th Std.



a)     Better absorption and retention skills for Students.

b)     Lesser Fatigue for the Teachers.

c)     Teaching of 1st PUC/11Std portions is not compromised.


3. Breaks and Holidays for Students and Teachers   

a)     There should be two breaks of at least 15 minutes every day, one before Lunch and another after Lunch

b)     Lunch break must be for at least 40 minutes 

c)     PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes regularly teaching their Students on the weekdays must not be open on Sundays, National Holidays and other Holidays for conducting Classes or Tests.


a)     Adequate time for refreshment boosts energy levels and puts Students and Teachers at ease.

b)     Will enable Students and Teachers to spend quality time with their families and friends.


4. Sports and Games for Students

a)     PU Colleges must ensure that their Students are participating in Sports by having at least two periods per week of 60 minutes each or 360 minutes per month, whichever is feasible, dedicated for Sports. 

b)     These Sports should be at least two Indoor and Two Outdoor games 


a)     Teenage PU Students of that age group (15 to 18) will immensely benefit from Physical activity.

b)     Participation of Students in such Sports will act as a stress buster for them and deter them from playing online games or excessive usage of Smart phones for entertainment. 

"There is no better Teacher than Sports when it comes to dealing with Winning and Losing."



5.  Attendance in Class

a)     Attendance must be taken by the Teacher at the start of all Periods,

If any Student is absent without any Leave Request for the same from the Parent then, An SMS Alert must be sent by the PU College/Tutorial Institute within 30 minutes to that Student's Parent.


a)     Will enable Parents to take prompt action towards ensuring the safety of their child if their child is Missing from their College/Tutorial Institute.

b)     Will discourage Students from loafing around during class hours.


6. Students have the sole right to choose to appear for an exam or completion of an assignment.

a)     No PU College/Tutorial Institute can compel or make it mandatory for a Student to appear for a test/exam or make it mandatory to complete an assignment. It shall be the sole choice of the Student to pursue the same.

b)     Communications by PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes regarding exams/homework must only be informative. They should be sensitive to the fragile minds of young teenage students.

They must refrain from sending messages striking fear and creating unnecessary panic in Students and Parents.

Phrases indicative of punitive actions such as "Mandatory", "Compulsory", "face serious consequences" and so on must never be used and only informative messages of the type of exam and dates shall be communicated to Students and their Parents 

eg. PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes must never communicate either ORALLY or as an EMAIL or SMS or Letter or Social Media to the Students or Parents conveying that, "attending the test is Mandatory", or, "not completing assignment at home will be taken very Seriously".


a)     Students not desirous of a particular academic course or even a particular subject have the right to refuse giving such exam or completing such assignment.

b)     Students desirous of writing an exam or completing an assignment, but unable to do so due to just reasons, such as sickness or other reasons, need not be compelled to do the same


7. Ban on Segregation of Students by PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes

a)     NO PU College/Tutorial Institute shall partake in any sort of discrimination or segregation of their Students into different classes.

b)     Differentiating them on the basis of having achieved higher marks in any test or evaluation conducted post the admission process is unjust and arbitrary. It causes the deprivation of the right to equal opportunity of the excluded students. 

c)     All students who have completed the admission process shall have an equal right to avail any course or special courses offered by an Institute.

d)     NO special course will be offered exclusively to academically higher scoring Students rather it shall be made available to all their Students interested to avail such a course.


a)     Will not create a psychological imbalance, inferiority complex and demotivation in excluded Students.

b)     Will allow interested students from continuing with their aspirations and choice of taking up desired courses.



a)     All PU Colleges/Tutorial Institutes MUST create a PARENT-TEACHER COMMITTEE within 45 days of commencement of Academic Year.

b)     This Committee must have at least 4 Parents, 4 Teachers and 1 qualified Mentor/Counsellor of the Students.

c)     It should be Mandatory for this Committee to meet at least once every 25 days in the PU College/Tutorial Institute Premises. 

d)     The Minutes of the Meeting must be taken on Record.

e)     The Objective of this Committee should be ensuring the Physical & Mental Well Being of the Students while upholding the above mentioned Proposals.

f)      The Committee must facilitate a communication portal between itself and the Students of the Institute and should address all Complaints and Grievances of Students regarding academic problems or otherwise.

g)     The Committee must take proactive steps in ensuring solutions to the problems of the Students.

h)     Any complaint or requirement of this Committee must be addressed by a written communication within 15 Days by the PU College/Tutorial Institute Management and Principal

i)       The Committee must be permitted to seek redressal from the PU Board if the Management of the PU College/Tutorial Institute has not addressed their concerns or has failed to implement their suggestions pertaining to the Objective of the Committee.      


a)     The Students’ welfare is being monitored by this Committee

b)     Committee acts as check and balance to governance of PU Department’s Rules and Regulations. Provides for strict implementation of Education Policy.

c)     Increases efficiency of PU Board's time and limits the usage of Government resources to tackle the problems of Students.             

d)     The Committee’s Objective is ensuring the Physical & Mental Well Being of the Students, thereby the Students Fatigue and Stress Levels will remain Low and their Motivation level will remain High.   



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