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corrupted postman

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my name is manju raut and i am a goverment teacher .i resides in krishna nagar.its a matter of 1 and half month ago when my younger brother had to receive a letter enclosing his pan the time of delivery the postman of our area whose name is mr. sushil kumar working in krishna nagar post office told my brother came to specific place for some kind of jugad instead of delivering letter at the given address.when my brother went to that specific place and  ask for that letter he demanded bribe for giving that letter to my brother .firstrly ,my brother denied for bribe but when he said that i will return this to office from where it has come, by giving a reason that the particular person was not at the said address.and you will run here and there for your important letter. unfortunately, my brother has give him rs.100. also the envelope of that letter was opened.when i make a complaint through twitter ,website and e-mail.he got to know that from the officials about me he came to my address the day before yesterday and shouted on me and said that the other person(presswala) asked bribe as part of a joke.

if it was a joke of the other person then what he is doing at the presswala shop during his duty hour?

is goverment is not paying salary to them?

he also warned me when i was alone at home to get ready for future consequences.from now onwards i will not receive any letter by him and i have to visit the post office every time when i have to get my letter or parcel with a neighbor  who identify me..

he was not stop here .he went to my fathers office and told that "apni beti ko bolo complaint waps legi wrna use kai sare office k chakkr katne pdenge ".

and today he came again at my father's office to talk to my father's boss"ki samjhao apne employee ko ,hum to goverment job wale h ..humara kuch nhi jayega..hmare sir pr adhikario ka hath h"

he took per month amount from my father's boss,banks and many more person he has in his circle who contribute in his black-money.

I know many of us will not raise voice because so many people has day to day transaction with postman and no one will fall into this kind of trouble.

but let me tell you one thing that today i am facing this problem and the bribe amount is rs. 10-100.and in future if strong steps are not taken today the guts of some dishonest postman will rise.

please ,sign my pettion.

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