Protect Western Sydney's Kangaroos at Werrington

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Wayne Olling
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From just after World War 2 the government owned land between The Great Western Hwy and Western Rail Line at Werrington in Western Sydney.

It was the practice of the government to keep Kangaroos and Emus on the land, perhaps for keeping the grass down and pest management. Travellers by car or train between Sydney and The Blue Mountains had the enjoyment of passing the land and looking for, and seeing, these Kangaroos and Emus inhabiting protected space which, prior to European Arrival, was unrestricted home for these species.

In later years the government sold the land and Western Sydney University became the owner of the greater portion. The Emus were gone by this stage but the Eastern Grey Kangaroos continued and a mob of up to twenty remain today.

Now Western Sydney University has a plan which involves development of the land. As such, the Kangaroos will lose their protected area of habitat and foraging. What is most likely to happen is that a decision will be made to euthanise the mob of Kangaroos.

What has been an emblem of our natural heritage in Western Sydney on this Werrington site for 70 years and more will be killed for the sake of debased development aspirations and the dollars derived.

Will you sign this petition seeking NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment; Western Sydney University; NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and Penrith City Council to preserve the mob of Kangaroos at Werrington and ensure sufficient habitat and foraging exists for them to survive into the future?