Inequality with Medical and Dental Students.

Inequality with Medical and Dental Students.

1 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Karan Mondewal

We are here to stand against inequality with Medical and Dental students.

The point of concern is that , the examination of 10th, 12th, and students which comes under the Department of higher education and Department of technical education has been cancelled in haryana. This was a wise decision considering the situation of Pandemic. This will prevent community spread of COVID19 virus,
 Did you forget about the students which are playing an important role in management of this pandemic?
Students of BDS final year and MBBS final year are available and ready around the clock to help the effected individuals whenever if called by their medical authorities.
Medical and dental students are at the highest risk for Covid19 infection (more than those whose examinations have been cancelled), still we aren't complaining about our duties and responsibilities.

You ensured the safety of some Students by canceling there examinations but didn't think about the safety of medical and dental students which is complete discrimination considering that our community is at highest risk. Aren't we humans?! Moreover the practical examinations is not completed without the patient exposure.Which is even more dangerous ! 

If examinations somehow managed to be conducted, there is interstate travel restriction. And if the students are allowed to travel to there examination destination he/she can be a potential victim and vector of COVID19 virus. Examination centre will thereby promote community spread, and will also risk others and there family members.
Some students may also be asymptomatic carrier of COVID19 virus.

If medical students are engaged in Covid19 spread then who will take care of the nation.
There will be some Students which will definitely get infected during or just before exam days with Covid19 and will be quarantined in quarantine facilities , how will they be able to appear in exams during that time?
These examinations will also promote spread of infection to medical and dental hospitals and institutions thereby leaving no safe space for doctors.

Also back before the lockdown 15 days holiday was declared by the state government due to which students were instructed to evacuate the hostels as soon as possible. Students only carried some important goods and few books considering that holidays will end soon and they will be able to resume their preparation for exams.
Now its been approximately 3 months since the colleges are closed and all our important books and study materials is locked inside the hostel rooms.
The study of medical and dental science is not that easy to study without books and pass the examinations just by listening to online classes/lectures ( which some collages even aren't conducting ).

We need safety not examinations !!

We are here performing our duties and responsibilities without complaining and expect the same from your side to ensure our safety and give us equality.

We are requesting you to promote medical and dental students on the basis of previous year performance in academics likewise you have done with students under higher education and technical education departments.

There are lot of problems to share but these are our prime concerns regarding examination during Covid19 pandemic.

Thanks.. hope our Medical and dental authorities will understand our tense situation and take wise action soon.

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Signatures: 183Next Goal: 200
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