We Deserve Equal Service

We Deserve Equal Service

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Government released on February 26th that the Marine Coaster 3, operated by Puddister Shipping Ltd, has been successful in obtaining the Ferry service contract providing service from the community of Petite Forte to the community of South East Bight. The residents of South East Bight are asking for your support as we go head to head with officials from the department to prove that the Marine Coaster 3, an older vessel that was not able to meet the requirements 7 years ago, is still not a reliable ferry to operate given that it is nothing more than a river boat trying to operate as a passenger and freight ferry.

Its barge-like design is not capable of operating in the wind and ice conditions that are so frequent in our area. 

It will cause delays in services as businesses, school officials, doctors, nurses, tourists, and even family and friends will not risk coming into the community knowing full well that they may not get out for several days later.

During a brief refit of the Norcon Oceanus, the Marine Coaster 3 replaced our ferry, and during that time it failed to operate at least 8 times. This vessel is just not meant to operate in an ocean.