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Stop leaving the bulls and dogs on the road in Nepal

Nepal is a country where there are cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Janakpur, Birgunj but none of the cities are free from stray dogs and bulls. Every now and then we see these animals on the road, sometimes they are sleeping in the middle of the road and disturbing the road traffic while other times they are chasing the moving vehicles. At times they are also killed and their bodies lie on the road for days decaying and spreading diseases. In country like Nepal where human rights are violated easily, there are no provision for protection of stray animals and there are hardly anyone concerned about it. Most of the time its us, Human Beings who leave these innocent animals on the roads. The bulls are left on the road because they are not as useful as cows who gives milk; dogs are abused by the owner and left out on the street when its old, not trained properly or is of no use. Now it is time to end these malpractices and become civilized human being by addressing this issue to the government and concerned bodies.

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    Department of Livestock Services

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