Lessen class hours for students to do things within their time range and capacity!

Lessen class hours for students to do things within their time range and capacity!

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Education extends beyond the four corners of a room, and lesson no.1 is : Quantity does not always equate to Quality.

It is not new that we Filipinos always find ways to give importance to attaining knowledge that would drastically impact our lives and enhance our in-born potential that would someday and somehow benefit our country. Year in and year out, we seek to avail learning in a traditional form, hoping that one day, it will serve as a ray of light where the people you ought to help could step on it towards the success you've built. However, how would you construct those ideologies if now, you yourself is breaking apart? 

We speak on behalf of students who now comes home with both heavy bags, heavy loads - too heavy even for their own capacity.

We are not against Education, no one is! We are against the mechanism that makes education one of the things that breaks a student apart. You see, a lot of our juvenile learners goes in the same routine - you wake up 4 am or 5 am depending on the location of your residence to your area of learning, study 7-8 hours a day, 5 times a week and then right after class you attend whatever requirement you were tasked to make because it promises to make you better at that learning aspect. Sometimes when activities collide with your requirements, you miss out family time only to attend practice. and then you go back to your PETAs, review for upcoming tests, follow up reports and then sleep - within an hour you wake up doing the same thing over and over and over again. 

You see, this cycle is one of the fundamental reasons why students get pressured and eventually lose sight of what their goal in life is. Turning them into the person far beyond what education promised. 

If you want your students to value learning more, then this can be addressed if we decrease the number of class hours for students to fully grasp on their own working time and giving them no reason at all to not to do the tasks given to them. This is a win-win situation to both the teachers and their respective students which will help them to develop their scholastic attributes necessary in attaining education's promise of success and to prove this, Let's play some facts: 

  • First, Scores don’t rise with longer school days.

Reports show that more time spent in school doesn't necessarily result in higher test scores. Children and teenagers in the United States spend more hours in school than kids in Asian countries, according to data compiled in 2009. U.S. children spent an average of 1,146 instructional hours per year in school, students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore spent 1,050, 1,013, 1,005 and 903 hours respectively, according to FoxNews.com. However, students in Asian countries consistently outperform U.S. students on math and science tests.

  • Second, Quantity does not always equate to Quality.

Skeptics of longer school days point out that high-achieving nations such as Finland, Singapore, and China have chosen not to take this route, opting instead for maximizing learning and collaboration time during the traditional schedule. Indeed, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, U.S. teachers already spend more time in direct instruction with students than their peers in practically every other developed country.

  • Lastly, Attention Deficit and Fatigue

Longer school days could result in attention deficit and fatigue, making the extra class time ineffective. When students are too tired or mentally exhausted to concentrate, the last hour of the day becomes useless. Some students, even as old as eighth-graders, suffer from post-lunch attention deficit syndrome and aren't mentally prepared to take on an additional hour of classwork, reports eighth-grade teacher Ron Whitehome on Philadelphia's education website TheNotebook.org. Young students might feel fatigue or fall asleep during class time if they are too tired to concentrate or perform.

These are strong reasons as to why we must declare shorter class hours. It is not too late to correct the mechanism that makes education shining in bad light - after all, if we wish for this students to make an impact in our nation, we must provide the opportunity for them to strengthen their passion outside the four corners of a room. because no matter how good the teacher is and how brilliant the student is, everything breaks apart when there's too much to handle in such a short period of time.

We still believe in education and it's promise of success - but don't make us regret it by continuing the destructive long class hour mechanisms. 

Sign this petition now and let's create a better future for the later generations!

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