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No to exploitaion!

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Exploitation (also called Trafficing in Persons)
Its a Form of modern-day slavery involving the Illegal transport of individuals by force or deception for the purpose of labour, Sexual exploitation, or Activities in which others benifit financially. Human trafficking is a global problem affecting people of all ages. It is estimated that approximately 1,000,000 people are trafficked each year globally and that between 20,000 and 50,000 are Trafficked in the United States, which is one of the largest destinations for victims of the Sex-Trafficking Trade.

-Types of Exploitation
The most prevelant form of human trafficking that results in Servitude is the Recruitment and Transport of people into the International Sex industry. Sex slavery involves Males and Females, Both Adult and Children, and Constitution, an estimated 58% of all Trafficking activities. It consist of different types of servitude, Including forced prostitution, pornography, child sex rings, and sex related occupations such as nude dancing and modeling. Forced prostitution is a very old form of enslavement, and recruitment into this lifestyle is often a blooming business for proveyors of the sex trade. Victims of sexual slavery are often manipulated into believing that they are being relocated to work in legitimate forms of employment. Those who enters the sex industry as prostitudes are exposed to inhumane and potentially fatal conditions, especually with the prevalence of HIV/Aids. Forced labour has likely been around since shortly after the dawn of humankind, though there are a number of different forms of modern involuntary servitude that can go easily unnoticed by the general public. Children are often sold or sent to areas with a promise of a better life but instead encounter various forms of Exploitation. Domestic servitude places "Extra Children" (Children from excessively large Families) Into domestic service, often forced to work in small scale cottage industries, manufacturing operations, and the entertainment and sex industry. Another recent and highly controversial occurance involving human trafficking is the abduction or deception that result in the involuntary removal of bodily organs for transplant.

>Human Trafficking as Organized Crime
Human trafficking is a highly structured and organized criminal activity. The criminal enterprises need to transport a large number of migrants over a substantial distance, have a well-organized plan to execute the various stages of the crime, and possess a substantial amount of money for such undertakings. Human Traffickers have developed a multimillion-dollar industry by exploiting those forced or willing to migrate.

>Laws that involve to this Topic:
RA 7610: Childs Right
Any unformal Holding/Touching a child is already against the law of our Goverment and the rights of a Child 
Human Rights:
The victim has a right to report his/her experience if that certain experience is againts his/her rights. Specifically Rape, Pornography, Exploitation, Deception and Etc.

Scale and Causes
Survey in North America and Europe that ask adult subjects to recall childhood mistreatment indicate that between 10% and 30% of young girls are subjected to Exploitation or Abuse as wisely defive above. Estimates of abuse or neglect by parents/ guardians range from above about 1 out of every 100 children to more than 1 in 7, and figures are far higher if emotional abuse and neglect are needed. Although widely prevelent, child abuse often is overlooked by family, friends and health professionals. Prejudice, Anxiety, and Shame -not lack of information- seem to be the major reasons for the failure to recognize these private acts of violence- a form of tacit denial that leeds to their perpetuation. Child abuse can have serious future consequenses for its victims, including delays in physical growth, impaired language, cognitive abilities, and problems in personality development; learning and behavior. Cruelty to children has several major causes. Abusive patterns of behavior by parents can be viewed as maladaptive response to stressful situations and feelings of powerless.

>Examples of Cases
-A case concerns a 14 year old child who was groomed by an adult male through a social networking site. A report was made to the eentrelocal police and child protection agencies were alerted, the child safe guarded and access to their computer has lead to the identification of the offender and other children at risk.

-A recent example concerns a report from an individual who suspected that an online chat buddy was planning to abduct the child of another online contact, with the view to remove that child from the U.K. and to abuse and torture them. By having that report delivered directly to CEOP through reporting tools, we were able to identify both the offender and the potencial victim, put in place safeguarding measures for the childs protection and liaise with our collegres in the U.S. to have tge offender arrested as he boarded a plane from New York to London.

Please Sign up and support our petition because we need to help the children who are already affected because these type of things. We need to help them because their the future of our country, the progress is in their hands so Help, Support, and Be with us in helping this victims, children or adults, male or female, ageless, they are still Victims and they need our help. Simply Sign-up and Be with us. Together we can Save the saviors of our Future. Thank you.

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