No Zero Unemployment

No Zero Unemployment

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John paul Oval started this petition to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Why Filipinos have a high unemployment rate

Inability to take on available jobs or seize opportunities

Because of lack of related skills and experience, jobless workers or fresh graduates are unable to take on careers that are available in the job market. Some would think it’s unimaginable to take a job that’s too unrelated to the course he/she finished in college. With little or no entrepreneurial skills, many job hunters are unable or unwilling to establish own business.

Apparently clueless job applicants

It’s hard, if not impossible, to land a job if an applicant doesn’t even know where to start. Even if they’re looking at a job description, some of them are unable to figure out how to fill up a form, how to use e-mail service or find the address of the recruitment agency. A few would leave comments in a news article expressing their interest. Anyone wants to see more proof? Have a look at the comments of a past article about gas station attendant jobs in Dubai.

Discrimination and unreasonable job requirements

In the Philippines, a simple job vacancy gets way too many applicants. As a way to pre-qualify applicants (or discourage those that are not fit), employers have set requirements that are otherwise discriminatory and unreasonable. Take a look at a typical job posting for a cashier job vacancy in Manila.

To become a cashier, one has to have height and age requirements, and as a hygiene-conscious country, such requirement is also disclosed up front. Instead of relying on experience and skills, many Filipino employers rely on looks, age and other unnecessary requirements (at least for a cashier job). Customers need to pay you even if you don’t look very pretty; is the cashier chair too high that a certain height must be reached? Maybe these companies can’t pay that much, so they only take fresh graduates who may accept lower than minimum salary rate.


As of 2005, the Philippines is home to 85 million Filipinos. Considering the annual population growth rate of 2.3%, the country’s population might reach and even grow above 95 million in as short as 5 years (Perez 2005). After another 20 years or so, this number might even reach 150 million.

The pace at which jobs are created simply cannot cope up with steady supply of graduates whom many will find themselves unemployed. A country with large population doesn’t automatically have unemployment problems. Opportunities can be built out of such situation. More babies born mean more jobs for construction workers who build hospitals and schools. More jobs for nurses and teachers who will take care and educate these children. More foreign businesses will be setup because with a large pool of cheap labor, it becomes cost efficient to operate in the country.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly work that way in the Philippines.

Such desperation to get a job can sometimes make applicants more prone to scams and fall prey to illegal recruiters, SMS and Internet scams, further degrading their lives. The government’s unemployment problem should not be remedied only by further exploration of job opportunities abroad (and bragging rights to the Super Maid program). Such solution may be deemed short-term for temporary migrant workers. Generating more jobs domestically should also be intensified.


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