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We need to criminalize emotional and psychological abuse in the US.

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Lets bring bring justice to the victims of emotional abuse once and for all. We need to do something to give the abusers a reason to not want to do it, to change their ways of thinking and to make it more widely known about. If the abusers know they can get charged with a crime and spend jail time for their actions, then I honestly believe we can see the amount of emotional abuse cases go way down.

Unfortunately, I personally have had terrible luck in relationships, so this issue hits very close to home for me. I have had back to back relationships that have been abusive in almost every way imaginable. I have dealt with emotional abuse for the majority of those relationships. I personally know the torment emotional abuse can cause, the despair, the depression, anxiety, disabling panic attacks, and the pure feeling of worthlessness. Sometimes it feels like I have swallowed a black hole and became that because any life or even enjoyment of life I had in me is gone. Millions of people (women and men included) go through this at the hands of what is usually a master manipulator, narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. 

There is not enough protection for the victims of this tormenting abuse. The victims are laughed at and told to "suck it up" and "stop being a crybaby" way too often. It isn't a matter to joke about. It isn't a matter to not take serious.It is a serious issue in our country that effects far too many people to continue being ignored and laughed at. This type of abuse can cause irreversible damage. Even as little as a few months of emotional torment can cause decades of trauma for the victim.

We need to all come together and realize that this is a major problem, and we need to stop letting the criminals that knowingly cause this pain get away with it. It will be tough, and rules will need to be put in place that are going to be tough. We aren't going to stop emotional abuse over night, I doubt we will ever stop emotional abuse completely. We can pass more laws on the matter at the least, that way there is more awareness of this type of abuse. Also, the abusers may think twice before emotionally tormenting someone becuase of a much higher risk of being criminally charged for their criminal behavior.

I have included some links to resources around the web for people to learn more about this type of abuse if they wish to. I have no affiliation with the websites posted here besides using them as good sources of information.

Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Where to find Legal Help

Find Therapy for Abuse

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