Harsher sentences for attempted murder

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Attempted murder is  considered to be one of the most serious types of crimes against a person.

Anyone who commits murder, attempted murder or manslaughter can be sentenced to life in prison. However, courts can decide on a what sentences they give out.

Judges in Australia need to not be so weak in their sentencing and give a set sentencing.

Attempted murder is the attempt to unlawfully kill another person by any means, act or omission.

Monsters like these need to be sentenced just like a murder charge.

This includes anyone who was involved, hindered investigations, assisted in keeping information from police etc. These people should also be given the same sentencing .

Currently attempted murder sentences range between 13 to 17 years. An unsuccessful attempt to kill another person can result in a maximum sentence of 17 years’ imprisonment.

Attempted Murder by association even if you don’t actually kill a person, you can still be charged with associated crimes if you’ve helped  someone commit his or her crime. In serious cases, attempted murder by association is punishable with a life sentence.

Lets sign this petition and lock these monsters up along with anyone who knew or assisted.