Unsolved Murdered victims deserve Justice.

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My grandson was reported missing and detectives assigned would not do anything to search for him because he was 22 years old for 30 days. My family explained to them that he would not practice this type of behavior. We knew that he would not walk away from his life. He loved his family and no way he would just pick up and leave. We knew it was more to it then he was missing. However, there were many resources were not rendered in his case. They were convinced, that he was just off somewhere hanging out just having fun or committing a crime because he had a criminal record, he was profiled. They handled his case with minimum concern. My daughter researched with all the electrics he had around the house and found out that he met a girl on Plenty of Fish dating internet app. and on the night before he went missing, he was communicating with her online. He texted her to meet her and come to her house. She explained this to the detective and however, they would not take what she was saying seriously. That went on for two weeks. We were always calling to check the statics of his case yet it was not assigned to no detective. I found that out from a PI Private Detective I was going to hire to help us. She researched and informed us it had not been assigned. The detectives working on the case was using his case as a training tool to train new detectives. But nothing was being done, even as he told my daughter and my grandson's father they would be working on his case. When he went missing he was driving his car that was also missing. I filed, a stolen car report in Maryland is where I live, his father lives in DC. His missing case was filed by his father in DC. However, I bought the car and its tag registered in Maryland, so I reported car to the police as stolen in Maryland. I called to check with the detective about the status on his case, and the detective said to me, "By the way, his car pinged twice" yet DC police department did not pursue that alert. However, I asked them where he told me two areas. We had been searching everywhere driving the streets putting up missing posters everywhere, that we made ourselves. Have you seen, however in the meantime, we were driving around all over DMV, wherever we could think of looking for signs of his whereabouts and car. After they told me where his car pinged, I began to search those areas. One day drove an area near the 2nd place they said the car pinged. I found his car freshly wash park on the street, and I called to PI defective, and she told me to call and report to the detective and police that I think I have found his car. The police would not come, but the detective arrived and did not want to take the fingerprints because he was saying he did not think someone else was driving the car because it had been washed. Also, they could not open the car with no keys to open it. Told me to take it to Maryland and see if they would do the fingerprints. They said to me no it was a DC case, and they should take fingerprints. However that was not the case. While we almost had to beg them to process the fingers prints. It took over a month to get the results of the fingerprints results. After, I had the car towed to my house. During the time we were dealing with his car, his father came to where we were and asked people out there did they see who was driving the car and they gave him a description of the driver and that did not fit the description of that person was not my grandson, Marty William McMillan Jr. I knew this was a case of foul play. I knew my grandson would not give someone his car. Later my daughter kept talking about her frustration with how they were handling his case and the caption of police department investigated to see what was happening with his case and found that nothing is done with his case then she assigned the case to another detective his case. He came to interview me and told me he would be taking the case. He began to research all the information my daughter had told them. However, he could not render specific resources to his case because he was only listed as missing. My grandson got murdered the day he went missing. Because they would not elevate his case severity, not changed to a suspicious murder case, nothing approached in that manner. My grandson laid in the woods for nine months not far from where he was killed. The person that killed him was going on living his life, and nothing was done. It would have gotten away with murder if his remains were not found, and my daughter gave them the case, and they did not investigate anything she told them in the beginning.
My issues are when does the change the missing to a homicide issued when a missing person case reveals evidence that appears to be murder. When do the laws allow the reward be published in that type of case? When do they interrogate the suspects be able to use techniques to get them to talk? Why can't they bring in FBI with these type of cases? To date even as they have a lot of evidence it takes so long for the murders be a charge, they have to have proof, witness, blood, and remains for the cases to move forward to charged and conviction. We still to date do not have Justice. Why do families have to wait so long for justice behind murders? Laws protect the criminals more than the person that did the crime. District Attorney office hold up cases behind certain technicalities even with all the evidence detectives have to prove a person has committed the murders yet it sits there for months before they will approve charges brought forth for conviction. People are getting away with murder and behind District Attorney and DOJ allowing these people brought to justice. The laws need to be revisited to change these rules to provides if evidence shows murdered and replace the missing to the crime of murder and it should not take years. That saves time and taxpayers money for the delayed process. Get the murders off the street before someone else gets murdered. Bring justice to families, dealing with murders. Justice needs to render families that are suffering from this type of pain. Justice needs to be served to the murdered victim.