The Manufactured and Corrupt Case against Robert Sylvester Kelly

The Manufactured and Corrupt Case against Robert Sylvester Kelly

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The Manufactured and Corrupt Case against Robert Sylvester Kelly – Department of Justice Formal Request to Review the Injustice
-We The People
Days after the airing of a scripted reality TV documentary series by Lifetime alleging decades old sexual abuse claims against Robert Sylvester Kelly, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx took to the airwaves.

Foxx called a press conference days after the premiere of the scripted reality TV Lifetime documentary, in addressing the allegations made against Robert Sylvester Kelly in the scripted reality TV series, Foxx stated she was “deeply disturbed”, “I was sickened by the allegations. I was sickened as a survivor. I was sickened as a mother. I’m sickened as a prosecutor,” she said. “I worked in this office for a number of years, including in 2008, and so the allegations were not new to me, but I think listening to survivors, and giving a platform to survivors to be able to tell their stories, was heartbreaking.”

The above quote is evidence of the lack of objectivity from SA Foxx. Her words are a clear indication that the case against Robert Sylvester Kelly had/has already been decided without due process. Based solely upon her position as a “survivor” of sexual assault and political activist. Kim Foxx was elected to uphold the law, not seek vengeance.

In an attempt to justify her unprecedented controversial actions, Foxx alleges that she made her public plea in order to give “survivors” a chance to tell their stories. This is completely false as the so-called survivors had publically expressed their stories in the scripted reality TV Lifetime series.

Kim Foxx immediately gave legitimacy to a scripted reality TV show, Surviving R Kelly and took to the airwaves and announced to the public that there was no evidence of a crime, but if anyone would like to make something up, please call her office. Unknown at the time, now uncovered Foxx was in collusion with Michael Avenatti prior to press conference. This was all a farce to deceive the public and to appear legitimate. Lifetime in cooperation with Kim Foxx perpetually set out to pollute the jury pool which has continued to this day.

On Friday, February 22, Robert Sylvester Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse that allegedly occurred decades ago in Cook County, Illinois. The circumstances and timing surrounding these allegations are very disturbing and unsettling.

Prior to this manufactured case Robert Sylvester Kelly was a free, not accused of any crime American citizen, he is now being held without bond in solitary confinement in a federal facility.

We The People are outraged that Robert Sylvester Kelly’s civil, human, and legal rights are being violated without due process and request that the Department of Justice intervene on our behalf. We request that the Department of Justice review the proceedings an unprecedented manner in which this case was manufactured. It blatantly evident that Robert Sylvester Kelly rights are being completely violated and politically exploited by the radical feminist and domestic terrorist groups such as MeToo, TimesUp and MuteRKelly. This is America and he is an American citizen. By law he is innocent until proven guilty. He deserves his day in court and his days prior to court should mirror those that have been accused of same/similar crimes. He is not a threat to society, these allegations are decades old. He is not a convicted criminal. He does not have a criminal history. He has been compliant with the law. He is not a flight risk. These domestic terrorist radical feminist groups MeToo, TimesUP, and MuteRKelly, seek mob justice and are exploiting the American judicial system in the process.

Based on a number of factors:

a)Robert Sylvester Kelly voluntarily turned himself in when asked and never violated conditions of his bail.

b)Robert Sylvester Kelly has appeared at all court hearings where required for each decades old charge.

c)Robert Sylvester Kelly has been 100% compliant with pretrial for all decades old charges.

d)Robert Sylvester Kelly was already free on bond, the federal charges represent the same fabricated, exaggerated charges in the state case, if he was complying with the state case charges, the judicial system can reasonably expect the same with the federal charges. He was free, he did not flee.

The lack of due process and unprecedented happenings in this single case is highly suspect and it is in the interest of justice for an outside, disinterested party with the proper legal authority to assume jurisdiction and investigate, as it is public knowledge that SA Kim Foxx involvement in this case along with Michael Avenatti reeks of corruption.

This petition was created because it is vitally important in America that we not allow justice to be dictated by homegrown radical feminist groups.

Because it has become painfully clear through a pattern of heavy-handed, hyper-violent and wantonly callous interactions between MeToo, TimesUp, and MuteRKelly that men all over this country rights to due process are in jeopardy and we need to change this trajectory. This is America and all men are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not public opinion.

We are gathering signatures, however, we believe that it is imperative that we call to the attention of the Department of Justice now, the injustice and public prosecution of Robert Sylvester Kelly. We send our petition ahead of the signatures that will follow.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter as injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.


We The People

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!