Tenant vs Illegal Towing vs Huhem Law Firm

Tenant vs Illegal Towing vs Huhem Law Firm

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Erica Ross started this petition to Department of Justice

What if it is not the tenant? Many people and learning properties have practiced unlawful tactics to tenants. High fees, entering dwelling without notice. The tenant may be late but still paying rent and fees drowning in debt. Many landlords are praying on innocent people. Filing eviction and astronomical late fees which is certainly stressful. Tenants are now and being victimized by landlords aka slumlords. Taking advantage of people with less than perfect credit or may have on prior eviction. Do you Remember when the hurricanes came to Texas everyone wanted a piece of the pie? Persons purchased properties so they could collect section 8 or housing, because they were guaranteed to get paid. Now that the economy is so bad and everyone is struggling, Land lords are becoming more ruthless!!! This not being said. Many tenants pay or have no choice but to pay late, nevertheless they are still willing to pay. Everyone needs a roof over their head. But landlords see this as an opportunity to tact on ridiculous fees, evict, take money and run and ready for their next victim. It is a two edged sword. I have not seen anyone stand for the thousands of low income people who are good payer and keep up properties, and even sometimes out of their own pockets enhance the property to make it look even better. Because of whatever life situation they have encountered they may have always been accustomed to living a certain lifestyle. Then the land lord pounces on them them at the first opportunity that something interfere with the agreement. Don’t be so quick to believe everything you read on these sites. There are many greedy landlords with no conscious. They post pretty pictures, they don’t fix anything but quick to take double deposits, and put people out and put them in worse predicaments than they already are. To many of them it all about the almighty DOLLAR! They are some very evil people that pray on the innocent just because they are less fortunate. Beware of the slum lord!!!!!!!

The laws for towing vehicles from your private property-apartment complex-landlord are different than towing a vehicle from a public street. Stiff fines can be imposed if you illegally remove a motor vehicle without the owner's consent.

This is A Statutory Violation- Illegal Towing

“Proving Pattern of Predatory Towing Companies,”

Black Bull Towing, BBT, Capital Tow & JLS Towing

 Are all owned by one individual which name is Aaron Huhem and is protected by his brother Victor Huhem which owns Huhem Law Firm and is the registered agent. Victor Huhems law expertise specializes in apartments/landlord dealings.

This is a fraudulent company being run in fraudulent ways!!!

Search Google in there are many articles as related to the illegal towing from Black Bull Towing & BBT

Stop wasting your time filing complaints and complaining about the illegal towing and hold the Parking Facility, Private Property, Property Management Company Responsible as it was done at the request of the property owners for they are the ones that are allowing the Predatory Towing Companies to perform the Illegal Towing.

Know your rights! It is the private property “non-consent” tows that generate unhappiness. In such cases, cars may be taken from private lots where they should not be parked. Companies contract with the property owners for the right to tow, and some employ spotters to watch for towing targets.  

“Are you a victim?”

·         Towing cars from lots where no legally required signs restricted parking.

·         Towing Vehicles that had been authorized to park.

·         Towing cars that had expired registrations without giving owners prior notice.

·         No – Parking Signs might be missing or poorly placed

·         Parked with tires  touching  the parking –spot divided line

·         Removing Parking Permits, then hauling the cars off

·         Cars that have been backed into spaces.

Occupations Code 2308.401- Statutory Violation

Sec. 2308.401. Parking Facility Owner Prohibited from Receiving Financial Gain from Towing Company or Booting Company. (a) A parking facility owner may not directly or indirectly accept anything of value from: (1) a towing company in connection with the removal of a vehicle from a parking facility; or (2) a booting company in connection with booting a vehicle in a parking facility. (b) A parking facility owner may not have a direct or indirect monetary interest in: (1) a towing company that for compensation removes unauthorized vehicles from a parking facility in which the parking facility owner has an interest; or (2) a booting company that for compensation boots vehicles in a parking facility in which the parking facility owner has an interest. (c) This section does not apply to a sign required under Section 2308.301 provided by a towing or booting company to a parking facility owner.

Parking & Towing

The rules in this paragraph on parking apply only to landlords and tenants of a building with two or more units. Your landlord must provide you with a copy of any towing or parking rules or policies before the lease is signed. They must be: (1) signed by you: (2) included in a lease agreement: (3) included in an attachment to the signed lease, but only if the attachment is expressly referred to in the lease agreement. Your landlord may require you to provide only the make, model, color, year, license number, and state of registration of the vehicle to be parked. A landlord may tow a car if any of the following occurs: 


It is important that you educate your self so you will not become a victim!

Sharing is Caring!

Win With Wisdom and know that we perish for lack of knowledge. 

How can we feel safe in our dwelling of our home when matters of this exist? I have also been towed for no fair reason and have been made to pay (several times)...this is unfair for me and everybody else!! They only come and tow in areas where poverty exist the most putting people in worse situations than they already are!! I hope myself and everyone else who was and has been affected gets Justice through this petition!!

We as citizen shouldn't feel that where we live/reside that our cars/vehicle can literally be stolen from us without reason and no punishment to the parties involved arises. Let's make a change. Please sign. Next person could be YOU and or your mother, father, grandparent, parents, or child. Act now. Stop illegal towing.

Stop Riverbend Apartments and any other Apartment Complex that are in violation of their tenants.

Let's join hands and remember that we shall and will continue to shine in this DARK WORLD, and that I/we can do all things through Christ who strengthens me/us…

Finally I won’t grow weary in well doing…The joy of the lord is my strength.

Thank You

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