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Stop racial police bias in the SF Bay area

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For my family and I racial profiling in law enforcement is extremely dangerous, because as a black male, police automatically connect my skin color with the stereotypes that come with being black. We urge you to sign this petition because it would help to enforce and bring awareness to the racial profiling that is happening in the Bay Area. Racial profiling is the act of exploiting race or ethnicity as a reason for suspecting that someone has committed a felony. The Oakland police force is known for their extreme racial profiling against minorities, especially black individuals. According to PBS, the research from Stanford University revealed that one in four black men were handcuffed while only it were only one in fifteen for white men.  In order to take steps towards ending racial discrimination, we must push to enforce the law set in place that prohibits racial profiling in the police departments, starting in Oakland. 

The police departments in San Fransisco Bay Area are notorious for their blatant racial police disparities when it comes to enforcing the law upon citizens of different races. For example black men are 1 in 5 times more likely to be searched opposed to the 1 in 20 times for white men. According to the data from the New York Times, traffic stops, random body searches, shootings, and other arrests, it is clear that the police officers are swayed on their implicit biases. An investigation into each of the police departments in the bay area will help in the effort to cease racial discrimination in the 21st century.According to SFChronicle, the United States government never conducted an investigation into the SF police department, even when there was clear evidence of bias. Instead, they merely ‘reviewed’ the department in a non-binding way so they had something to get the community off their backs.
These police departments that we suspect and wish to be investigated include each police department in the 9 counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay.




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