Stop OnlyFans From Exploiting Children

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W a r n i n g -   Is your teenager online every day?  Do you know of the dangers lurking there for your child?  One such danger may be called “OnlyFans”.   It is not as innocuous as it sounds.

It is a predatory site that can lure your teenager into a world of sextortion, prostitution, child sexual abuse, and ultimately sex trafficking.

Sign the Petition.  It will go directly to your Legislators demanding that they help stop sites like this from harming your children.  Demand Age Verification protocols to prevent child sexual exploitation! 

What is OnlyFans?  OnlyFans is the latest iteration of the online sexual exploitation marketplace.

OnlyFans promotes itself as a safe platform, but in reality, it pedals psychological trauma and blackmail.  It can “leak” uploaded information, images and videos into a competitive pornographic marketplace that encourages the content providers, “performers”, to do increasingly degrading or explicit acts for money.  Images on the Internet are Forever.   

Some claim OnlyFans is safe because it doesn’t require physical contact between sex buyers and the content providers.  But it actually puts the children into compromising positions, making them vulnerable to sextortion, non-consensually shared pornography, and escalation into more extreme acts.  Additionally, it is normalizing sexual acts that children should not have to face.  It steals their childhood.  Images are Forever!   

Parents have spoken out about adults buying child sexual abuse images of young girls on OnlyFans.  Mothers have reported discussing the issue with their own high school aged daughters and noted, “Mine says she isn’t doing it, but has close friends who are.”

Tragically, there are cases of underage kids being sex trafficked for the purpose of pornographic content on OnlyFans.  Their childhoods are destroyed. 

You think your kids are safe on the internet?  Think again.


OnlyFans lacks age verification protocols.  It is highly likely that child sexual abuse materials and sex trafficked persons are being exploited on the platform. 

It is a matter of protecting our children.   Please join in putting an end to OnlyFans.      
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