Seize Trump’s Assets

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Due to unconstitutional seizure laws, thousands of Americans who have never even been charged with a crime, let alone convicted, have had their homes, vehicles, and financial assets taken by law enforcement. The mere suspicion that you may have committed a crime is enough for law enforcement to seize your property in order to fund their own activities. It is then nearly impossible to recover your property, even after you’ve been proven innocent. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I believe the best way to force a change in these laws is to demand a high profile seizure, something that will attract attention to the subject. Trump has not been charged with a crime yet, but there is certainly a preponderance of suspicion. An attempt to seize his assets will certainly lead to a change in these laws. The first step here I think is a demand to see his tax returns, so we know just how much we can get. 

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