Passive threatening under Defamation act

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My wife and family friend had business with butcher. Due to his financial & behavioral misconduct , My wife and friend had to resign in 2015. Both did not get their investment capital. He took personal loan $5000.00 but denies to repay. Need to take to QCAT  and QCAT advised him to repay. During the hearing he lodged false statement such as damaged EFTPOS and buying company without equipment. Last year he deregistered the company and registered new company at same place (11/365 Mortimer Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110).

We found during time from June-July 2015 , he spent $28000.00 wholesale meats and sold by 60% gross (40% net) profit margin but cash deposited only approx. $18000.00. On the top he bought non halal beef and sold to the Muslim community. I made an alert in Facebook on the basis of invoices and confirmed email. He did verbally threatening before and sending SMS. Now he sent me solicitor notice under defamation act 2005. It looks like he is doing passive threatening. I went to several  organization, each one state that not their jurisdiction. I informed ATO nothing happened.

Therefore I would request to Australian Government, if create new jurisdiction, so that Ombudsman and QCAT can deals with this type of issues in community.

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