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Department of Justice, Office of the Ombudsman: In 100 days, complete the filing of plunder raps freeze suspects' assets

The filing of initial plunder charges against those accused of diverting billions of pesos worth of taxpayers’ money through the Pork system is a step towards the prosecution and conviction of all involved in this massive system of corruption. We, Filipino citizens, appreciate the actions taken by the Department of Justice.

But the DOJ and the Ombudsman must expedite the process of seeking justice. Everyone involved in plunder and theft, whatever administration or political coalitions they belong to, must be held into account for these crimes.

Letter to
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales
Secretary, Department of Justice Leila de Lima
File plunder raps, freeze suspects' assets in 100 days
We call on the Department of Justice and the Ombudsman to expedite the process of seeking justice in the numerous pork scandals. Everyone involved in plunder and theft, regardless of administration served or political affiliation, must be held to account for these crimes.
We want Plunder cases filed, pork barrel releases fully accounted for, and suspects' assets frozen. WE WANT JUSTICE IN NO MORE THAN #100DAYS!

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