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Caratao, Maria Veronica started this petition to Department of Justice and

Many people have been accused and killed by a crime that has not been proven guilty and many innocent people have died and suffered because of false accusation.Some of government officials hiding the truth from us.Biasing people who obey them and follow their unfair treatment and punishment,planting drugs,spreading fear instead of hope and muting us not the crime.This petition aims  to not repeat what happened in the following:

  • The inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte on June 30, 2016, and his call for a “war on drugs,” Philippine National Police officers and unidentified “vigilantes” have killed over 7,000 people. The anti-drug campaign dubbed “Operation Double Barrel” has targeted suspected drug dealers and users ostensibly for arrest but in practice has been a campaign of extrajudicial execution in impoverished areas of Manila and other urban areas.
  • On the afternoon of October 14, 2016, four masked gunmen stormed the Manila home of Paquito Mejos, a 53-year-old father of five who worked as an electrician on construction sites. An occasional user of shabu, a methamphetamine, Mejos had turned himself in to local authorities two days earlier after learning he was on a “watch list” of drug suspects. The gunmen asked for Mejos, who was napping upstairs. “When I saw them with their handguns going upstairs,” a relative said, “I told them, ‘But he has already surrendered to the authorities!’ They told me to shut up, or I would be next.”
  • PhilHealth has a long list of alleged corruption activities.
  • Police and local officials have confined those arrested to dog cages and forced them to sit in the midday sun as punishment, among other abuses.
  •  An off-duty police officer shooting point blank at a neighbour and her son in broad daylight over some disputes in front of a small crowd.

This will grants people the freedom to speak and stand up against injustices as well as changing the power that is occuring between different man inside the playground of our society. This will lead an active role to join citizen together that request the upper head to do something and tell publicity the foolishness are they executing.


• strengthen the laws regarding the abuse of power.

• Hold everybody accountable regardless of standing of life.

•Dont fire with fire focus on prevention than a bad cure.

• Be aware of who are you giving the power on the country don't focus on parties,focus on capabilities.

• Give clearer instructions on the police on how to deal with armed "suspects" without harming one another.

Remember that the best leader have a high consideration factor and really care about their people.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!