My Children and I are Victims of a Corrupt Family Court. Please Help us to be Reunited.

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My name is Carol Lynne Morgan. I am a mother of 6 children and I have been a mom for over 27 years. After almost 20 years of living in an abusive marriage, my eldest daughter helped me to get to safety with my 3 youngest children. I do not smoke or drink or go anywhere without my children. My children are my life. I was never even allowed to leave the marital home for a shopping trip without my children or otherwise my ex- spouse would accuse me falsely that i was with a man. The accusations and beatings never stopped until I filed for a Dissolution on my birthday August. 30, 2011. That day of freedom was to become the beginning of a Judicial nightmare. Before that day I had never been allowed to work outside of the home. I was never allowed to touch a phone or a computer. I was to cook and clean and care for my babies and service my husband on demand without so much as one word of complaint or myself or the children would feel the consequences. In the dissolution I was granted all the 5 minor children ex-spouse did not want them anyway. I gave up all the rights to his savings, 401k, various stocks and investments , the marital home etc. just to make sure my children would be safe with me. I was awarded child support and half of the house that Ipaid for and I even accepted a huge credit card debt of ex-spouses. But then my ex -spouse refused to pay child support, he said he wasn't paying for what he wasn't €*#!&$%. So there i was with no money and nowhere to go with 5 children ages 14 years to 18 mos. I tried to get a job at the restaurant where my daughter worked and when i arrived to the place I was told to hurry and get inside as ex-spouse had been there in the parking lot for over 2 hours waiting for me in his car with a machetti between his legs waiting to lop off my head. The police came and arrested him. I was given a Civil Protection Order out of Mahoning County Ohio. Charges were pled down and he was ordered to stay away from me and the children and attend anger management and probation. I agreed, as I felt he might get help with his violent behavior. I should not have agreed because he only became worse. He followed me, stalking me with knives other metal objects. I lived in fear, I couldn't sleep, i suffered panic atacks and I would begin shuddering in public. Ex-spouse hired an attorney that is married to the Administrative Judge in another County and he and his attorney began to destoy my life completely. His Attorney is also the Chief Prosecutor over child support matters, and a notory. I did not get any child support for many months, and out of fear I got remarried to my daughter's boss thinking ex-spouse would leave me alone. Nine months later, without my knowledge, a Magistrate in Trumbull County vacated my entire Dissolution, making me married back to my abuser again. Now I had 2 husbands at the same time. I wasn't notified of that hearing nor was I there. Neither was my own attorney. So ex- spouse began showing up wherever I was and demanded that I return home. I refused, so ex-spouse threatened to kill the man I married. The new husband ran away to New Jersey and now I had to go through 2 divorces. Ex -spouse and his attorney stripped me of all my rights. Ex-spouse was allowed to file to divorce me to prove he had the "Power " over me. That was ok, just as long as it got done and over with. The violence never stopped, ex-spouse beat the children at visitation regularily after drilling them of my whereabouts if they didn't give the answer he wanted. He showed up at my house and splattered a scalding hot coffee to my face and head when i demanded that he leave. He came into my home while I was in the shower, the children opened the door thinking it was their older sister, and he attacked me and tried to rape me in front of the children, when he saw that I was bleeding, he finished in his pants, and quickly left my house before I could get out of the shower and find my phone. He punched my 9 year old son in the jaw in a shopping store in front of witnesses. That charge was dimissed as " bad parenting " . Ex-spouse became more and more violent as he knew his powerful attorney would " take care " of his legal issues. My two older sons went to live with their father after the machetti incident as they formed an alliance with a man they never got to know while growing up. Their father was too busy sending cash overseas to build his grand home in Lebanon and didn't have time for them. As he was shipping all the household money over there, me and my children lived on food stamps and donated clothes. Ex- spouse told us we did not deserve more than his family did in Lebanon. My sons were totally brainwashed and i never got to have any visitation with them. Their father referred to me as the b÷+ch and wh÷×e who left him. So that is what my sons began to call me, and that pleased their father and he provided them with cell phones and laptops. Ex-spouse obtained a new attorney because the previous attorney dropped him when my case went to the Appelate court. I won that case, and my case was sent back to the Family Court to do over and do it right, they did not obey the Appellate Court. In March 2017, I was granted another 5 year Civil Protection Order citing child abuse and continual stalking . Ex-spouse appealed it, but on May 19, 2017 the head Judge in Mahoning County upheld the entire order due to the overwhelming evidence. Two weeks later, a Magistrate in Trumbull County held a hearing to grant him custody of my three young children ages 12 , 11 , 8, even though the custody evaluator said repeatedly to not remove the children from their mother in his testimony. I was forced to leave that day because I refused  sign a document handed to me ten minutes before the hearing. I had no attorney with me as I was supposed to be there on June 9th 2017 for a phony contempt charge from when ex-spouse lost His visitation for punching my then 10 year old son. The contempt charge was dismissed because the Magistrate took away his visits, not me. My court appointed attorney refused to show up. There isn't even a custody hearing listed on the docket for June 9, 2017 nor on June 29, 2017. A few days after the Magistrate ordered me to hand over my children to their abuser in a grocery store parking lot, the Magistrate retired and ex-spouses attorney now sits in that seat as the new Magistrate. My case # is # 2011 DS 0293 Trumbull County Ohio. I now get to visit with my children when their father decides to show up. My children cry when they tell me about how they continue to suffer from their fathers abuse, they beg me to not send them back to his house . I have documeted proof of the abuse. No one cares in Trumbull County Family Court. Ex-spouse paid his way through. Since he could not kill me , he took my life completely when they took my children. They are all in it together in Trumbull County, the Magistrates, Judges, Guardian ad Litem and child support has follow too, because they fear retaliation. While Mahoning County is trying  help us, Trumbull County is destroying my children and myself. My 12 year old daughter is in severe depression and speaks of giving up and killing herself, she has an enlarged liver and needs medical care, she has not seen a pediatrician since she and her little brother and sister went to live with their father. My 11 year cries as he describes being beaten up by his older brothers and his father. All three children are getting Ds and Fs in school, they were all honor students when they lived with me. My children and I are suffering. Please help us.