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Justice for Kian Loyd

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An extrajudicial killing (also known as extrajudicial execution) is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are mostly seen by humanity to be unethical, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and are only those carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces or police, as extra-legal fulfillment of their prescribed role. This does not include cases where aforementioned authorities act under motives that serve their own interests and not the state's, such as to eliminate their complicity in crime or commissioning by an outside party.

 On the night of August 15 and 16, more than two dozens civilians were deliberately executed by the police force in Metro Manila and nearby provinces such as Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, and Laguna. The latest anti-narcotics campaign is under the directives of President Rodrigo Duterte, who wants to promote safety by neutralizing criminal elements of the law. According to the Philippine President, cracking down traffickers of narcotics are responsible for promoting crime across the country.

On the evening of August 16, 2017, Kian Lloyd Delos Santos was just going to close their store in front of their house as part of his daily routine before preparing for his class tomorrow. When the police officers came and approach him, he was suddenly forced to kneel down. Then Kian realized that he is now the victim of being falsely accused of being involved in narcotics peddling in the area. Kian begged for his life to let the police free him while the officers are busy containing him as part of the "Oplan Galugad" campaign under the initiative of President Rodrigo Duterte. The incident negatively tarnished the reputation of anti-narcotics campaign by the Duterte administration.

Kian Lloyd D. Delos Santos was a Grade 11 Student in Our Lady of Lourdes College located in Gen. T. De Leon in Valenzuela, Metro Manila. Kian hopes to become a police officer someday to serve and protect the public against criminal offenders. However, his dreams will no longer come true as he was already executed by the law enforcement members when he was mistakenly identified as a peddler of illegal substances.

The police officers involved in the incident were then relieved from their post and waiting for a thorough investigation. The Philippine National Police is now investigating the incident and vows to apprehend the scalawags if proven guilty from their negligent act. Some senators were dismayed by the aggressive behavior of the police officers involved in anti-narcotics campaign while they are making house-to-house operations to curb traffickers of illegal substances. If found guilty, the police officers involved in the incident has a big possibility to have their license revoked and lose all government benefits.

Kian Loyd is a minor: Police Officers are in big trouble because they have just executed a minor. Under the Philippine Law, the case can be in a violation of the Republic Act 9262, which is the violence against Women and their Children. Kian's age plays a big factor to consider the case a high-profile issue that will be held under investigation by numerous agencies. The police officers will face numerous charges after the demise of Kian Loyd Delos Santos under their hands aside from the administrative suits that will be filed against them.

Kian Loyd Delos Santos, the 17-year-old student who was killed by cops during an anti-drug operation on August 16, was buried Saturday amid calls for justice for victims of extrajudicial killings. His family, friends, schoolmates, and supporters present at the funeral called for the prosecution of his murderers. Hundreds joined the funeral procession that took place in the morning, hours before the 11th grader was buried at the La Loma Cemetery. A burial mass held at the Sta. Quiteria Parish in Caloocan City. During the mass, Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David noted that aside from Delos Santos, at least 12 other minors were killed in the government's crackdown on illegal drugs in Caloocan.

For effective administration of justice in a democracy; courts have a definite and decisive role to play. A state which declares itself a legal state has to accept the role of the judiciary to maintain checks and balances on the execution of power by the legislative and executive branches. To control the latter, the judiciary is responsible for deliberating on the legality of any administrative action, and to control the former, to consider the constitutionality of any legislation passed by parliament. The judiciary in modern legal states thus plays very important roles. Apart from ensuring legality, it is obliged to protect against the infringement on the rights and liberties of people by abuse of power by the state and to uphold democracy. Hence, it is high time to ensure the law and order through our judiciary to get the best out of democracy.

Criminal activities are not accepted; not by any one. It may be the case that some of those killed by RAB were involved in criminal activities at some point of their life. If so they would be liable to punishment according to the law of the land but not by the way of killing in the name of crossfire. Even recognizing rising insecurity, how can we accept killing them without any legal justification by the state's law enforcing agencies?

The social and economic progress achieved by the flourish of democracy in many societies has been shaped by their efforts to successfully protect the rule of law. But in Bangladesh instead of showing respect to the judiciary and the law enforcing agencies of the state has shown disrespect to the directions given by the highest court of the state by continuing with the practice of extra judicial killing.


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