Lillian was legally kidnapped and being alienated from mother. Mother wants daughter home.

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My daughter Lilly was diagnosed at the age 15 with autism, allergic to peanut cause her bowels to swell and celiac disease . Lilly was diagnosed with hi function autism and a slight form of down syndrome .She learn to talk through classic country music and video like Forest Gump or anything biography. I will warn you Lilly is so special she has a beautiful smile and where ever she needs whatever we need to do to get her home. Autism and down syndrome go hand in hand but that does not define who Lilly is. When Lilly turned 18 she had a sub teacher who gossip outside of school and say things to upset her on purpose to the point Lilly tried breaking her glasses not to go to school but we got them fixed and a dr.note but she had a scratch on her forehead so sub hot line her after a 2 hrs investigation and then question my son who was 13yrs old and found that's not true so after that they wanted me to sign over because the school did not want to work with her so the year before she had knee surgery 2x the doctor mess up 1st time. So we decided to have her home school and when she was home school she was on b honor roll. So She hated school so bad she tried to cut herself she was bullied so bad and teachers harass her and yelled at her not talk at her. She wanted home school but they lied to her to keep from letting. I want to know what can be done about division of senior and disability services the filed for guardianship before Mary Ellen Koch could test here and even stated she did not need a guardian or conservator . On July 30, 2014 Judge Swaim refuge to continue court even though we had a lawyer. They appointed public adiminstrater her guardian and conservator and I have a two doctors and 2 counselors that disagree. Rhonda one week after they buried my daughter grandma passed away she put my daughter Lilly in a RCF and all she does and sit and do nothing all day I only allowed supervised visits because Public Administrator is does not Lilly to want to come home and she calls 3 times about wanting to come home and not wanting a guardian or conservator. She was being bullied and being made fun of and a sub teacher was talking about her out in public what was going on at school. So Lilly was scratching herself wishing to die and we were taking her therapy but she was also being told by Lisa Tilison  and Debra Blessing that if she did not like the ruff then she could come home and now Adair County Public Administrator said she will never let her come home because I use a wheel chair due to hip trouble but Lilly has autism and very mild mental intelligence. Is there help out there to get her home her brother is 14 and class president and all he wants is his sister home. I have several students willing to testify how she was being treated and more kids are being forced into to something and being lied to if they do not like it by dfs for senior and disability service. Can you help she is at rolling hills in Milan Missouri and I am only allowed supervised visits for 1 1/2 visits every two weeks but last Sunday they change it from subway to the facility and I have no way to get in and been told by Melissa Stover that she does not take in handicaps and she does not have to make it handicap assessable. feel free to call me 660-342-8642. I was told by Melissa Stover on Nov. 8th, 2014 that I she is signing the facility back over to her mother in-law due to her not being able to make the payments. Glenda told me on the phone conversation Nov. 19, 2014 that Lilly was not coming home for Christmas due the fact that I have not kept my word or made any effort to see my daughter. I fell 3 times this month and torn my ligament in right leg two places. I am unable to put weight on my leg. I am to keep it elevated and until I get the proper wheelchair with leg lift and make my van handicap accessible I am not able to travel. Since Glenda took over Dec. 1, 2014 she has no staff its just her and her husbands taking care of 9 consumers and she also has no transportation or a way to due a proper supervised visitation. Lilly to this day is not doing vocational rehabilitation yet. I have offer to help her get items needed such as frames that were broken still because Rhonda refuses to let me help pay so she had descent glasses and still does not have her glasses fixed. I was told when she got a guardian I will be treated as her mom and that not even
She still need to have a plate taken from her leg since her last it was to be done in sept 2014. Lilly is only aloud to call my Mom or my aunt! My son who is 17 is not allowed to talk to her. She has written note about being mistreat and how she wants to come home. She is being told she will never go home again, that we don't want her do know how hard it to be a mom at 18 and raise a little girl for 18 yrs and then have her rip out of your life because I would not sign her over that division of health and senior services file for guardianship and recommending public administrator , the same judge swaim does all probate, Sheri darling is the lawyer for all three. Her 17 yr old brother saw her a year ago at a church program. In order for my daughter to attend I had to promise not to go to gods house but she went but I was not allowed to because I upset her and she wants to come home. Today is another day I have heard from her. Please help get my story out there or with someone willing to help me not the cycle will not end. Feel free to call me. 660-323-5433 thank you!!  Lilly may just be another consumer to you but she is someone special to me and I love her unconditional. If we win we will make sure  Lilly gets all the care she needs and get her cupcake shop she wants to open.

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