Justice for Reggie (Know your spouse's true intention for your life)

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On August 14, 2016 my cousin passed away. From countless efforts of his family trying to seek support from  APS and Katy PD. We found out my cousin was very ill on December 31, 2015. We began immediately asking for information about his health and consulting with other professionals. He did had a weightloss surgery that would require him to be on specific prescription medication/and foods for the remainder of his life or his body would eventually shut down. During  this time of his illness he would call family members for food because there would not be any food water medication at his house. His wife admitted to me when I asked about his prescriptions at the pharmacy that she picked up him some vitamins from Wal-Mart. Now he was a manager for TSA, he still had medical benefits. Why would she replace needed medication to keep her husband well and alive. We called APS to report abuse and neglect we even said that we felt she was trying to intentionally not give medications or food. They lived in Katy one day he called a family member to bring him some food from 45 minutes away even though his wife was at home sleep on the sofa. He personally explained to me that he was so thirsty on day he had to crawl to the bathroom to drink faucet water because he didn't have water in the house. We called police they did nothing. We called APS they made an APPOINTMENT with his wife. They gave her the opportunity to get food and medications. We purchased a fridge and microwave and put next to his bed but his wife didn't want that either. His mom made food for the week and dropped it off, she did that once. After that one time his wife instructed her kids not to open the door for his family. When we would call the police they never made a report because it never got physical. So when we went to get police records of all the times we had called on her there was no record. So yes between the neglect from food water and medications his organs shut down just as it is stated per information on that procedure (Seems like the perfect way to murder your spouse right.) So after he passed and we got access to the house it was drug infested and stuff was everywhere like they had been robbed. We sat on the floor and took our time and went through every stitch of paper and mail in the house. We found about 5 life insurance policies done online with falsified information on them. We saw tablets where she was planning a family reunion cruise with the lottery money that she won. However she never won the lottery she works for TSA or at least have not won a substantial amount he would call on his family to pay the light bill. What was even more suspicious about those trips was her husband and his daughter's name was missing. A family trip without part of your immediate family that resides with you. Ok I see. Then to make matters worse there are papers where she wrote what she would do with inheritance money. She had a list of several homes and very expensive cars. Seems like she intentionally let him suffer for her financial gain. APS did a very poor job of investigating, and Katy PD did an even worse job of tracking events that took place because we were just reporting and not fighting. We knew better than to go there and fight her even though we wanted to, but it would have just landed one of us in jail. Once he passed his mom paid for his funeral services his wife claimed to want his body. Funeral home being mediator got the wife to agree everyone having separate services and splitting his remains. Because they allowed her to stop our services they had to reimburse my aunt's money but they did eventually give her half of the ashes. At this present time wife still had not picked up her portion of the ashes or paid for services almost a year later. We did find a church for a family memorial. We sent over 500 hundred sheets of evidence to authorities but again the lack of documentation from APS and Katy PD they said it wasn't enough. We even sent information from so many missed doctors visits, the staff at the rehab sent letter for us stating that they never saw his wife they would call and call requesting information but she never went by even though she passed the rehab on the way home from work. To us as a family it seemed like a horror movie that wouldn't stop. I forgot to mention that she also worked for TSA. Being that she was his spouse she controlled every thing and ultimately got away with murder. In my research when you knowingly do something that you know will cause harm are death you should be held accountable. So to APS if a frantic family member call and report that someone is starving and not giving proper medication please investigate and not make an appointment that was utterly ridiculous to me. Police departments should make reports of possible neglect/abuse. If we fought ever time the police was called one of us would have gone to jail about 10 times because she lived there. We still currently have medical records, pictures, text messages from him etc. We are not giving up.