Justice for Kris Adams

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My name is Cheryl Odum. On Sept. 16th 2019. My son, kristopher Adams was shot in the back by Denton county sheriff's deputies and killed.  It has been over a year now. We still have not received any information about his death. We have been denied any open records we requested.  His case went before grand jury in March without notification to us or the attorney.  I was told it's a closed case. I believe it is cover up from Denton county sheriff's department.  I am very upset that everyone demanded justice for George,  the black man killed by police. What about my son??? Is it because he is white that no one cares???  I just don't understand.  I want Denton county held accountable for their actions.  If this was the old days, the deputy that shot my son in the back would have been hanged!!!!!  Right is right and wrong is wrong.....please help me get the answers about my son's death and get justice for him. Thank you for your time and effort in this. 

God Bless,  cheryl