FBI:High ranking officials (Dartmouth&Jim Yong Kim)who destroy emails must be investigated

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A Dartmouth College resident physician filed civil rights litigation alleging criminal activity he witnessed and was subject to as a new intern at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

Within a week of notifying Dartmouth's then president, Jim Yong Kim (Obama's World Bank pick), the intern's entire email and medical records disappeared. He was terminated without any due process or "peer review" hearing required under Dartmouth bylaws.  

Dartmouth appears to have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up the crime, even working to permanently revoke the reporting doctor's medical license and federally funded training. 

For example, Dartmouth claimed "automatic processes" caused the destruction of the email. In fact, evidence shows automatic processes attempted to halt the felonious destruction of email, and Dartmouth intentionally overrode the safety mechanisms.

The FBI was notified of the evidence spoliation/destruction, but to date, has refused to investigate. This petition asserts that the FBI should investigate willful evidence destruction, even if it was carried out by an Ivy League institution, or involved an Obama appointee (World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.)