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Department of justice In Washington:: Let Dept Of Family and Children know they can not break the law

This is important to me,because they lie to take what they want. Family is the most important thing in my life. We have rights that they have just taken away from us with lies. My life will never be the same,but what about my daughter's and their children.  My daughter said they say a parent who looses their children,is given a death sentence.  She doesn't talk much anymore.  The police officer that came here, along with the worker stood there while she lied to my daughter. Make them accountable. Start listening to us.  I just wanted to add something to this page,before i go on,to show you all how our civil & human  rights were violated.  All i hear in my head is her screaming and kicking,while that worker who knew this was alie,watched on,along with the police officer.  All she screamed was mommy please no,please no,i love you don't make me go with her.  EVERYTIME I WRITE THIS TEARS STREAM DOWN MY FACE.  Over and over  again,no mommy i don't like her please mommy.   I need someone to help me get this out of my ears. I know whats coming next,my daughter's death,because if that is what i hear , imagine what an addict in rcovery will do to make it go away,since her trial went all for her, but yet she still lost parental rights, i only pray that the Appeal is heard by honest judges. and overturned. .  Please sign this,i have many as i can.  I am also adding the civil rights division because as i was looking up the address, i couldn't believe all the pages of right's we as Americans have.   I am going to be filing comlaint's against a couple of Federal agency's that have not protected us,but stood next to her and lied.   I was also told by an ADA in Brockton Superior Court that the police dept.  Were i live would be coming after us, and they have in so many ways.  Thank God i remember her name, and she like DCF does not have immunity, and the don't either when it comes to purjury, as the worker did on an affidavit.  So please look at there page.  I am sure you have been through some of the same things.  lets use our Constitution to protect us,against police officers who do not protect us, against agency's that steal chldren for money.  The more complaints, some body will stop them.

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  • Office of the Attorney General Eric Holder
  • Asst, A.G. Thomas E. Perez
    Department of justice In Washinton (civil rights Division)

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