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18 month old dies in apartment full of adults from severe illness, and left dead for hours!!


On May 11, 2016 a tragedy took place. Here's a story of a fathers only child, and its all the truth. To anyone with a heart please read this story of a Father by the name of Lernard Colzie from Atlanta, GA whose 18 month old baby that gone too soon. This tragic story is being written to get any and everyone praying that it will get heard and acknowledged for something to be done. On September 3, 2014 Kaylei was born to the parents of Lernard Colzie ( Father ) and Whitney Lynn Carter ( Mother ) in Atlanta, GA. Sadley her life came to a stop 1 year and 6 months later. Kaylei was a victim of neglect, abuse, and I believe complete murder. Kaylei was taken from Atlanta, GA to Evansville Indiana in September 2015 by her mother. That's where Whitney was born and raised. Kaylei was kept from her father because of personal feelings that she had towards the father. She was up to date on every single shot for her first year of life while she was in Atlanta. She never missed any shots, doctors appointments, and everything was normal height, weight, skin etc. Kaylei was not born with any health conditions. She was born healthy but had caught RSV ( respiratory system virus ). When she was 2 months old had gotten sick and had caught a cold from another child, something normal that happens. She was taken to the hospital, then was back to her normal life. Kaylei was forced to leave Atlanta, her primary doctors, good hospitals etc by her mother and courts denied any custody just in case questions were asked. The father called CPS ( child protective services three or four different times to warn them about what Kaylei was going through, as far as the drug addicts and dangerous situations she was being left in by Whitney. Her mother , soul provider, care giver, someone who is supposed to love and protect her. CPS did nothing to step in a drug test anyone, and never stepped in to find out who she had been leaving his child with, the conditions she was in or nothing. CPS closed the case and three weeks later on May 11, 2016 Kaylei was found dead in Lincoln Heights apartments in Evansville Indiana. The corners say she had been lifeless for 6 hours. There were adults in the apartment as well. Not 100% sure of how many, but about 3 adults for certain, the renter, her boyfriend, and the grandmother ( Whitney's mom ) who is also a drug addict the father called CPS about.Whitney knew her mom was homeless and a drug addict and would still leave Kaylei in her care. From September 2015 Kaylei was constantly put in harms way, and was being neglected by her mother who had full custody of her. She dies in a house full of adults. With countless amounts of horror stories her father had heard about that was happening, he put puzzles together that about 5 adults and 6 children were in the apartment when Kaylei died. The grandmother was in a drug sleep, this person Whitney trusted to take care of their daughter. Kaylei died while Tiffney (the grandmother) was sleeping. The renter and her boyfriend knew that Kaylei ate synthetic marijuana (K2), her father heard from sources. They tried to wake the grandmother to tell her Kaylei had ate the (K2) but Tiffney wouldn't wake up! They put her inside a play pin and gave her a bottle after knowing the 18 month old had just ingested the dangerous drug (K2). They didn't call the ambulance, placed her there and left her hoping she would sleep it off. Dont know the exact time but around 9 or 10 that night they left her there, and hoped for the best instead of seeking her any medical attention. Kaylei died around 1am.... The renter and her boyfriend went to find Kaylei non responsive and the panicked because or prior CPS cases. They put towels, clothes, and blankets over here in a panic. The renter of the apartment had 5 other kids in there as well. She and her boyfriend left the apartment around 12 or 1 while Kaylei was non responsive, and left the 5 kids there as well. The grandmother was still passed out in her drug sleep and totally unaware of what was going on. The renter and her boyfriend were seen going back to the apartment and dumpster at around 2am. Kaylei was found by a neighbor the next morning at around 7am, and the 5 children of the renter as well. The 5 were unharmed just neglected and hungry and the neighbor called the police. I wanted to be as brief as possible, but I can't with such a horrific story. Please visit the fathers facebook page Rojo Colzie for full information, photos, videos, news stories, etc. Kaylei died from sepsis from an untreated illness her mother neglected to care for, ingesting (K2), and left for six hours around numerous amounts of adults who could have saved her life on May 11, 2016. Here we are today and not a single person has been arrested for any crime. There has been no charges on anyone from little 18 month old Kaylei dying from neglect. I'm writing this to beg you, PLEASE DO NOT LET DO KAYLEI LIKE THIS!!!! Please do not let her go in vain. these people do not belong on the streets and her father has soooo much proof and answers for questions that may be asked to have these people arrested for what happened to Kaylei. Please help her father get justice his baby girl, please sign and share this petition and visit the pages @justiceforkaylei2016 and @ Rojo Colzie. Its a lot more information there. Kaylei did not deserve this and her mother and other by standers should be be in jail! Please Help get justice for Kaylei Lahnay Colzie (Carter) .

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