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Free my son Justin Perry from Sumter County jail.

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My son, Justin Perry spent four years in the Sumter County Juvenile Detention center. He was to be released June 7, 2017. During the time there, he received no "effective rehabilitation" other than being placed in isolation, away from general population for days and days at a time. The facility wrote me a letter notifying me of Justin needing mental health services, a treatment plan was created, that I personally was a part of and those services were NEVER PROVIDED. 

Due to the neglect if the Sumter County Youth Detention Center, my son displayed several abnormal behaviors, which also resulted in him becoming very aggressive towards staff and the other youth. The facility transferred Justin to the adult county jail in October 2016 to finish out his time. 

Now, the youth facility pressed charges for the incidents against staff and wants him to take a plea and serve three years in prison as an adult. Did I mention Justin has been incarcerated since the age of 15 until now, age 20, with no services but being placed in isolation when he did not "follow the rules." 

Also, during the time that Justin has been in custody, he has SEVEN tattoos on his face.

I am asking for all of my friends, family, associates and any type of community organizations to sign this petition to release my son and to expose the system for doing what they do best; make money off our children and pretend this does not happen, when I have witnessed it first hand.


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Tequilla Pittman

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