Everyone has the right to work in Ireland, especially legal immigrants with a family.

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Godfrey Jeremiah started this petition to Department of Justice and

Family reunification (on join spouse ground) that's allowed to stay legally for a longer duration (say 4-years) is expected to have rights to access the labour market pending the duration stated. 

An immigrant (regardless of nationality) that moved to study (postgraduate) in Ireland on a study visa, should be able to have his spouse or family to be united, and his spouse (with qualifications) be able to access the labour market without restrictions. Instead of joining as a dependant, being a burden to himself and his/her family.

Family reunification visa in the Republic of Ireland should be critically reexamined as some families are facing serious issues including separation as a result of the restrictions. 

Example, a man united with his wife along with their children, in Ireland. His wife was on a 4 years PhD study with one of the institutions in Ireland. For the sake of the children, he left his career, with the hope of at least having access to jobs, so he can take care of his family when united whilst his wife continues her study. To his disappointment, he was not allowed to work in Ireland. The strict immigration policies restrict him from working or even doing business in Ireland. How do you expect such family to survive for that period of stay? Is there no value for family reunification in Ireland's immigration policies?

The family could barely feed or pay rent, already homeless as a result of housing crisis in the capital where all their functions are expected to be.

I petition that such case, such status, long stay immigrants especially of this type should be given the freedom to work, at least for the sake of the children, and for the family to be together without any form of burden.

The Department of Justice and Equality, Republic of Ireland should reexamine this policy, as it causes serious issues in families migrating or uniting in Ireland.

I am equally affected with this and I'm requesting others faced with such a situation to sign this petition.

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