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Eradicate Corruption in the Philippines

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Let's make and end to corruption! The government should care less about themselves and care more about the suffering poor people outside. This can be a good and new start once more for the Philippines to rise up again!

Corruption is like a wild fire, spreading more and gaining power on everything it drops. The greediness that the normal person has can grow deeper and deeper whenever he/she has the power. This power comes from the seat in the government and also money. 

"Money is the root of all evil." A very famous quoting in the world, and it is very agreeable and justifiable in all means. People who can grasp this power can either overcome it and use it in a good manner, or abuse it and use it in a bad way. Almost all people want to have a taste of what money can do, so the government officials take advantage on their position. This corruption leads to poor health of the community, environment and also poverty, famine, loss of lives, etc.

Let us make an action in order for country to rise once again. This small start can lead to a huge understanding and lots of changes can start. So don't just sit their and do nothing, support this petition and be one of the heroes to save Philippines! Your concern is a start to our huge success! And I thank you for reaching out a hand, and reading this petition.

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