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Department of Justice: Stricter Enforcement of laws regarding Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is an ongoing issue, it doesn't just happen in one part of the world but instead occurs world wide. It affects the lives of young individuals, a lot of the times they don't every get to see their families again. I've seen it occur, to the missing signs on the newspapers to the donation bins that are in front of the cashier at your nearest fast food joint. A vast majority of the time, these individuals are never seen again and causes emotional breakdowns in families. Our lawmakers have set laws to counter human trafficking but the problem going on is that they are not enforcing them as much as they should.

The United States Department of Justice is in charge of enforcing all laws but recently has not been enforcing United States Code Title 18, part 1 of chapter 77 which focuses on the criminals that were involved with acts of slavery. The lack of enforcement of this particular law causes the industry to expand each day. Law enforcement officials should crackdown on the criminals behind the torture chamber, which is known as human trafficking, to limit the amount of illegal income entering the economy.

The amount of income entering the economy is outrageous. International Labor Organization “estimates human trafficking generates $150.2 billion in illegal profits each year. More than one-third of these profits are from forced labor exploitation and the remaining two-thirds from sexual exploitation.” (Human Trafficking Center, 2016). Instead of traffickers looking for a legal paying job, they go out and harm others for their own benefit. It’s mostly young individuals that are taken in and are forced to perform what their boss tells them. According to the FBI “The average age at which girls first become victims of prostitution is 12 to 14. It is not only the girls on the streets who are affected; boys and transgender youth enter into prostitution between the ages of 11 and 13 on average” (Amanda Walker-Rodriguez and Rodney Hill, 2011). The numbers are disturbing, by the time these individuals are out, they would have obtained many diseases that are life threatening.

Our lawmakers need to enforce laws that are currently in place to fight against human trafficking.

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