Demand Justice for Brian Jones of Allegheny County

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In April 2017, Forest Hills Magistrate Thomas P. Caulfield was heard on video telling Forest Hills Police Officer Heck to shoot (more than once), Mr. Brian Jones. This is after Officer Heck went to him seeking judicial guidance on Mr. Jones’ case. Magistrate Caulfield's actions are unethical and exhibit a pattern of discriminatory behavior. A judge’s role is to interpret the law, assess evidence and most importantly be decision makers in the pursuit of justice. Magistrate Caulfield failed to do this and needs to be held accountable for his actions. 

Despite having no past record of criminal offenses, Magistrate Caufield sentenced Mr. Brian Jones to jail twice, in which prior to his incarceration, the judge fabricated pleas on behalf of Mr. Brian Jones. Mr. Jones, a 51 year old devoted husband of 34 years, loving father / grandfather, community leader and up standing & tax paying citizen of Pittsburgh, has spent several days locked away from family and wife in lieu of these unjust actions. However, in September 2013, Magistrate Caulfied gave non-monetary bond to high-level officials (City Councilman & Police Chiefs) who were facing illegal gambling and corrupt organization charges. They never did any time in jail while Mr. Jones and his family have suffered severe trauma from this incident. All of these inhumane infractions, stemming from the fact that a neighbor threatened to shoot Mr. Jones on his property, after Mr. Jones requested that the neighbor stop bringing his dog to defecate on his property.

Even further disturbing, is the fact that Former PA Attorney General, and now Allegheny County District Court Administrator Linda L. Kelly, not only knew of said incident of fabricated plea, false imprisonment and unjust actions on behalf of Magistrate Caulfied, but purposely and willfully disregarded any action to assist Mr. Brian Jones in seeking justice from said administration. These occurrences bring about several questions regarding judicial misconduct that need to be addressed by the Court Administrator and Judicial Conduct Board.  We hereby request you sign the petition in compliance with our demands which read:

1.      Allegheny County District Court Administrator Linda L. Kelly, immediately remove Thomas P. Caulfield from his elected position as Forest Hills magistrate for harassment, discriminatory practices and ethical violations against Mr. Brian Jones. This action can be enforced under Pennsylvania Constitution Article VI, Section 6 (relating to officers liable to impeachment for a misbehavior in office). This involves the breach performance by a public official of a discretionary act with an improper or corrupt motive.

2.      Allegheny County District Attorney (DA) Stephen A. Zappala immediately be removed from his elected position for his involvement in discriminatory practices and ethical violations against Mr. Brian Jones, in which he refused to comply with his duty to investigate the situation once handed to him by President Judge Jeffrey A. Manning. 

3.      The borough of Forest Hills Pennsylvania drop all charges and court fines against Brian Jones.

4.      Review all cases involving Black residents, where Magistrate Thomas P. Caulfield served as the judge, for possible judicial misconduct. 


*Please note that along with this demands we will be attaching an addendum to the Department of Justice and PA State Attorney General Joshua Shapiro requesting the removal of Linda L. Kelly from her post as Court Administrator. She failed to address this in any manner since becoming aware of said injustices against Mr. Brian Jones in December 2017. Additionally, Magistrate Caulfield admitted to making the comments around shooting Mr. Jones on national television on August 2, 2018. 

Feel free to email Linda L. Kelly (District Court Administrator) to demand immediate review/action at


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