Demand DOJ investigate corruption involved in Christian Andreacchio's murder investigation

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My son was murdered February 26, 2014.  My family and I have fought with local and state law enforcement agencies over the past 5-1/2 years trying to get a fair and thorough investigation conducted and the people involved in his death prosecuted. We have been met with dishonesty and pushback from all agencies.

Through the concerted efforts of Bilbo Mitchell, former DA; Kassie Coleman, current DA; Ritchie McAllister, CAO of Meridian, MS; Marvin Sanders, AG Prosecutor; Gypsi Ward, AG Investigator; Roger Wade, AG Investigator; Stanley Alexander, Public Integrity Unit; Tony Green, AG Public Integrity Unit Director; Benny Dubose, Chief of Meridian Police Dept. Christian's case has been portrayed as a suicide.  Forensic evidence and witness testimony has been suppressed and/or ignored.  In an effort to ensure the case did not move forward particular individuals named above engaged in jury tampering to ensure the outcome they desired.

We need your support to encourage Department of Justice to participate in a thorough investigation of corruption and conspiracy engaged in by multiple individuals in efforts to circumvent justice for Christian's murder.