Death sentence for the criminal who rapes

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I am a woman living in India.
I fear getting out of my house everyday. I fear walking on the streets. My heart races every time I see a man staring at me.
Forget going out, I even had a stalker peeking through my window in the nights.
What a life it has been to live in fear in an independent land like India.!!!!

Is this independence? Are you serious?
Everyday we see some or the other update on the attempt to rape or a girl raped and killed once in a fortnight these days.
Have we gone blind and numb here??
Should it be your daughter or your family member in order to respond?
Well I don't think that day is far for the way it is going. I am scared for me and all the girls in this country. There are so many men with bad intentions walking around and nothing is done to them even after they are caught for the crime.

There is no justice in place for a crime that is the fourth most common crime against women in India.

Some statistics:
- Times of India reported 300 rapes and 500 molestation cases were reported in two months from January to February 2015.
- Times of India reported the data by National Crime Records Bureau unveiling that 93 women are being raped in India everyday.
- In 2015, more than 34,651 cases of rape reported. However, many cases related to rape crimes go unreported due to culture and safety of victims.
- There were also 4,437 cases of reported attempted rape last year.

I along with all the women in India, request for:


Please consider the request. This is a request for life!! Just to live our lives like any other human does. Just to do our work and run our families. Just to meet our friends and bring our kids back from school in peace. To be able to let our daughters go and play in the playgrounds and have their childhood.

Please give us our INDEPENDENCE!!