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Charge The United States With Human Rights Violations Against The Citizens of Puerto Rico!

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Over time and time again the United States has committed Human Rights Violations, indeed atrocities against the citizenry of its territory called Puerto Rico, these include and are not limited to, female sterilization, 55 years of bombing exercises at Vieques which contributed to cancer in the citizenry there, radiation experiments done on prisoners, The Ponce Massacre and colonization. 

These atrocities are now compounded in the gentrification of the island, the ignoring of the poor and now the callous behavior of the Trump Administration, FEMA and the United States Military post Hurricane Maria. 

Word from reliable reporting there in Puerto Rico gives the true story, hundreds are dead possibly not the 16 originally announced, food and supplies are being held in harbor instead of being delivered to the citizens of Puerto Rico, and an uncalled for military presence alleging to keep peace but instead instilling fear and terror. This is just a few of the numerous violations of the human rights of the citizens of Commonwealth of the United States. 

We the undersigned call for the United States to cease its policy of violating the Human Right to Home, to necessary Food, and Medicine by holding up precious cargo in the Port of San Juan that can begin remedying this situation. We call for the release of this food, medicine and resources to on the ground citizens and people of good will who will dispense them properly and fairly

We ask that Human Rights Violations charges be considered by the United Nations immediately against the United States, violations against the citizenry of its territory. The crises of hundreds possibly thousands dead, elderly and children having no ability to get necessary medicine and food is of dire nature. This all the while supplies that can assist Puerto Rico are being held in the Port of San Juan.

Rev. Majadi Baruti

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