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Changing Child Support Laws

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We all want the best for our family, and our children. Children grow by doing, seeing, and hearing. Why do the courts make it so difficult for a loving, and caring father? We live in a world where they make it out for only the mothers existence. I believe when it comes to child support it should be fair, equal and justifiable. Domestic relations have standards they must go by in order to give all extra to the mother. I have never heard of a father getting child support. Instead fathers pay astronomical amounts of money to the mother for what? I never see the kids with new clothes, shoes, etc. But yet the mother gets to go away on vacations alone, tattoos, new cars, the list goes on and on. Yet our court system allows this. Why is the money not tracked to make sure its being used for what it is meant to be used for the care and needs of those children NOT  the mother and her wants! The courts allow the dads to struggle the more they make the more they offer to Mom, why? Because they want all Dads to fail. Its time to make a stand and support all the Dads out there who make a difference in their childs life. Raising a child takes 2 not ONE. The spilt for support should be equal and all parts of the finances should be included.  The system just views it as "oh well" when it comes to the father. If the father pays an extreme amount of money how is he to survive, the court and our judicial system could care less if dad lives on the street as long as he pays he wont be sent to jail. How is this humane, how is the rights of humanity equal here. It is NOT and we need to take a stand for what is right and look at this with open eyes, take all aspects into consideration when child support is requested. Since when did women become so high above Men? Since when did the courts allow men the inability to survive themselves and allow the mother the high life.? There needs to be a change in the judicial system so domestic relations can do a better job Justifying the rights and amounts of money for a mother to recieve. 

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