Bring my oldest son home to his family and justice against our abusers.

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Our abusers forced change to alter this petition to be more friendly to them so I apologize not much is left of the actual story and a picture even of my children. What they have done to this petition shows proof of exactly some of what we are up against. They want control so badly they falsely reported and got my children's pic and names taken down, even though 2 of my children are not under their legal control, and because in abuse the victims are not only not allowed freedom or justice but not even allowed to say our own Childrens name or post the only picture of my children I have of them together. My married name was Debora St. Michel, and after meeting and married who became abusive and controlling to my children and i, i was forced into legal hiding with my younger 2 babies as our abusers constantly make fake and wild claims against me in order to maintain control and keep my oldest son like a possession to try and maintain their perfect looking family as they continue to rape children in the very town i grew up in of hopkins minnesota where even police are either unwilling to investigate or who's hands are tied to help us have any kind of justice. My oldest son is trapped in abuse and being punished by pedophiles for having attempted to speak up about the ongoing abuse. He is being metally conditioned, isolated, physically conditioned, and abused on many different fronts including being refused relationships with his family and especially myself and his younger 2 siblings of which are safe and loved and well cared for by myself as I am an excellent mom. My ex and his immediate family have threatened my oldest sons death as well as my other childrens deaths and mine too if I reach out for help or speak truth or show the evidence I have possession of still to anyone. The justice system are our abusers friends in Hennepin county Minnesota and we need a change of venue to originating county where our case should have legally stayed as a legal change of venue away from Isanti county, because of an open domestic violence case, had never been submitted nor accepted. Even our divorce judge in Hennepin county named Stephen Aldrich was removed from the bench soon after our divorce for the very issues I have been speaking up about and please note that he was court clerk to a late grandfather of that family that was a judge as well and all knew and conspired against and preyed on my oldest son and I. Evidence such as testimony, medical reports, past therapist proof, and even a computer need to be evaluated by experts to show we are telling the truth and we need justice after 7 years plus of trying to get freedom and justice served. Please help us! Bring my oldest son home alive finally and allow us to begin to have a life not in legal hiding but to live without fear of the next rape or beating and death threat looming. God bless you for taking the time to read. Thank you! -Deb