Boot Patricia Hanson out of office

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Shirley Venton
Sep 20, 2020
This killing of our children has to stop!! Defund the police! Stop putting them on vacation when they murder one if us. What would you do if it was your child? If you continue to allow this savagery next time it WILL BE ONE OF YOURS!!!

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Damien Cortese
Jul 20, 2020

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1 year ago
I'm sick of our young black men being senselessly murdered by these police officers!

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Janette Glenn
1 year ago
Justice needs to be served

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Dee Lyons
1 year ago
she does not have the competence and is nor out for justice for all people.Her decision are politically motivated and not for what's right

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Allicia Barney
1 year ago
Closure for a family who's son was murdered

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Karen Fuentes
1 year ago
I signed this petition for my own reasons, & for the 15k reasons everyone else signed.

Here's my next reason:

On October 28th I stumbled upon a video from,
" Talking Racine,"
The topic was the recall of Patricia Hansen. It was this video or one of the last 3 where they mentioned about officers keeping weapons from crimes scenes for soveniers.

WHAT IF this cop had one of these soveneirs that he always kept in his car
"just in case he needed to cover his @##?"
I never thought about this until now.
Who can prove otherwise?

Nobody knows if Tyrese even had a gun.
His mother, who knows him best, says no way, he didn't have a gun.

It does not surprise me if every cop has a soveneir stashed "just in case of emergency."

After the officer shot and killed this
"kid," he stated his reasons for shooting.
He repeatedly said,
" I kept telling him to stop, to leave the gun." Everything he said about telling the boy to stop was the best thing to say in a situation like this. So perfect it was staged.

I don't believe you officer friendly.
This video from "Talking Racine", mentions that before Patricia Hansen was a DA, she said she would never prosecute a police officer.

If he didn't do it intentionally where's the body cam to prove it?
There's no justifiable reason or excuse that a body cam wasn't used.
If anything it exposes yet another lie.

Not even a year ago, the Journal Times Headlines announced that Racine police have these new high tech body cams that cost the city X amount of dollars.

She tries to convince us that THIS WAS AN ERROR & HIS RADIO, OR everybody's radio was OFF OR MAYBE MALFUNCTIONING, they are NOT SURE But ASSURE us that they are sure NOBODY'S at FAULT.


This is not new news.

If you sit in court & listen to some high profile cases, you will learn that in every instance where these body cams SHOULD have been used, they were NOT used.
When police know they may have to use a gun, they routinely and knowingly planned to have them turned OFF.

I wonder & ask
" what's really going on? "
I worked at the bullshit factory too long to know if it sounds like BS, feels like BS, and smells like BS, then it is BS.

In addition to ALL THAT, this lady who has oversight, why does she still have a title of being a DA?
Do we live in Hooterville?
Where is her credibility, especially after this?

Every Monday on "Talking Racine" there is a discussion about controversial issues in Racine. And I URGE you to watch the last 3 videos. I PROMISE YOU, the information will shed even more light on what you didn't know, but need to know and you'll be glad you know.

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Emma Weiss
2 years ago
Racist shitwits should not have guns nor should they be responsible for determining whether OTHER racist shitwits were justified in using lethal force again children.

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Nila Sims
2 years ago
I stand for my black people

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Amina herron
2 years ago
Society has completely lost regards 4 the African American community lives. we will no longer allow people to be placed in a position to cause us more harm than justice. she was given a title to deliver justice to the people by a sworn statement. she has yet to do that, an we as a race are feed up with the Justice system playing double standards. when it comes to OUR PEOPLE. JUSTICE 4 TYRESE AN EVER OTHER LIFE THAT HAS BEEN TAKEN BY OFFICERS TO VOWED TO PROTECT AN SERVE BLACK LIFES MATTER