Black Man in prison for a crime he didn’t commit!

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Julius Thomas has been charged with a murder crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to serve life in prison WITH the possibility of parol because a young man which he thought was a friend used Julius’ phone to call a taxi and the boy murdered the taxi driver. The case has insufficient evidence and has been getting pushed off year after year. Julius Thomas is innocent and if you take the time read the transcripts of the court then you will see the insufficient and inconsistency of the officers/investigators employed by the state. Julius has been sitting in prison for the past 8 year for a crime someone else committed. The murder was found and sentenced to life in prison WITHOUT the possibility of parol. That is the only difference in their sentences, that is called injustice. The officers/investigators never questioned the family or even tried to find out about Julius’ whereabouts the night of the murder. Julius was at home, this was confirmed by the cellular network. The tough man who committed the crime was nowhere to be found for at least 3 days when the investigation started. Julius was threatened at gun point by a group of people associated with an young man that was not even in the state of Georgia when the murder took place, the police questioned the young man and falsified information stating Julius wrote a statement against the young man, how would that be possible when they never took a statement from anyone in the house Julius was residing? His mother, afraid for his life, sent Julius to his father and the state tried to label him as a fugitive. He and his family were in fear for his life because of the FALSE information the investigators told someone else trying to build a case, were they to let the people threatening him take his life or protect him? Julius is my little brother and he stripped of his rights wrongfully and charged with insufficient evidence as well as the inconsistency from the state. JUSTICE AND RELEASE FOR JULIUS THOMAS IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS PETITION! Please if you a member of power in the judicial system please take a look into the matter, read the transcripts, get a statement from Julius’ family that was living in the same household. Julius has an alibi but no one in the judicial system never looked into it.