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To better compete with Delta & United.  Because the European Union, shareholders of American Airlines and US Airways, the numerous Unions for over 100,000 employess and many other groups support this union!  Because I believe in Mr. Parker's vision! 

Mr. Holder, please have a change of heart!

Sincerely, Steve Neumann US Flight Attendant PHL  

AFA August 14th email...With the support of AFA, one of our PHL Based Flight Attendants started a petition aimed at the Department of Justice on The petition asks the DOJ to reverse their decision, and approve the AA/US merger! Per his request, we are sharing this link so other Flight Attendants and advocates may sign the petition...

Letter to
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. US Department of Justice
Dear Attorney Generals:

1. I am contacting you to reconsider your opposition to the proposed merger between US Airways and American Airlines. As a Professional Flight Attendant since 1979, I know what the merger means to me and to the thousands of other American Airlines employees. Never before have the employees and management worked so hard and well together all in an effort to save these two great companies. A merger is good for employees and it is good for U.S. consumers.

2. The merger will provide job security for tens of thousands of workers across the country. Neither of these companies can adequately compete with Delta and United and failure of one or both would result in the decimation of jobs, less competition, higher airfares, and fewer options for the flying public.

3. I hope you will reconsider your participation in this ill-advised lawsuit and instead support a stronger, more profitable, and consumer-friendly merged air carrier.

Please join us in supporting the merger between American Airlines and US Airways; it is what's best for our country.

Please Approve the AA/USAirways merger!

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