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“An eye for an eye, a life for a life : Yes to Death Penalty”

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Death Penalty is also known as “Capital Punishment” where execution of life is the punishment if a serious crime is committed. It is very helpful in our country right now because it can lessen the crimes existed in our country. But don’t worry, death penalty will be use as punishment  for those people who just committed crime that are against the rights of the people, freedom and safety of victims like murder, kidnapping etc.

Death Penalty can help lessen the crimes in our country. Criminals will be scared enough because they will suffer from the punishment. The fear of suffering will discouraged this potential criminals to commit crimes. It is also what criminals deserve. Criminals right now are not scared enough because they know that they will be just be imprison and that is the reason, why they keep on repeating their crimes. It is cheaper than life imprisonment because you are not bound to the expenses of those who are inside the jail.

We can say that death penalty can really help to decrease the crime rate in our country and costs our govermnment less. With the ongoing issue about death penalty, opinions continues to be divided that’s why we decided to open this petition to help our government decide to approve death penalty for the sake of all of us.

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