Amend The America's With Disabilities Act with NO Pre Existing Building Clause!

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I am a disabled woman in my 30's, living in the United States. In 2018, it's frustrating that those of us with disabilities still have to pick and choose where we visit or live based on the disabilities services provided and/or how accessible each state is. A major overlooked problem is sidewalks, or lack there of. It is also ridiculous that we are not given proper work training, half our doctors know nothing about disabilities and so much more. It is my mission to do away with the Pre Existing Building Clause of the Americans With Disabilities Act which states that any building built prior to 1990 does not need to be up to current code.

Most frustrating obstacles include inaccessible bathrooms, stairs at entrances or exits where there should be ramps or elevators, broken elevators, old sidewalks (some with no curb).

I am hoping to increase the abilities of those of us with disabilities to live as independent as possible.