Save the wave! Bring Jim Back!

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Jim the legend waving man.

Jim the Katherine local has been selling his plants for four years! Every single day this legend gets up and packs his truck, at his age might I add; and sells his plants to locals and tourists! 

Jim is best known for his classic wave, every single day. Every single car. Under the Mahogany tree on the Stuart Highway (past the bridge)

The department of Infrastructure wants to take his place away because he is a 'hazard' despite being quite far from the road. Everyone pulls over to take a phone call, why is it different to pull over and buy plants!! 

These new rules are forcing him out of his treasured spot. And I remember growing up to see him out the window every Saturday when I drive with my dad to Darwin. These new rules are putting this man in jeopardy and the council hasn't given him any real reason as to why his spot is so dangerous. The tree is more dangerous than he is! Leave the man alone he isn't doing harm!

His final day was today. And from here on out this town's local legend will no longer be here to offer his smile and wave to the people entering and leaving Katherine. I think we as a community must change this!! This isnt right!

Bring Jim Back! That old bloke needs his profit and his hobby. Everyone loves him, even if you don't want to admit it. This town needs him back, we are so much more welcoming with an old bloke who sits out in the sun all day waving to oncoming vehicles.

He is one legend!!

If we win and get enough signatures the government can't ignore everyone! He needs us and we need him! If we loose this fight we will have no more plants and no more welcoming wave, this makes Katherine look less welcoming and enjoyable.

The overwhelming support on Facebook is so wonderful and ive read so many things on how families drive in and out of town, their kids waving to Jim. And I don't think you'll find that kind of enjoyment without him. 


Please, please make a change.