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INTERNET_DISCONNECTED: Faster Internet for faster growth in economy in the Philippines.

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 A fast internet connection is a sign of a country's developed economy. With the internet, trading and retailing services can be done. This is also the same with trucking, hiring, and government services. These kinds of services determine the economic growth of a country and they all require a fast internet connection for productivity. ( the other hand, a slow and frequent internet disconnection can delay and ultimately hinder the development of a country's economy.

There are 26.01 million E-commerce users in 2015 in the Philippines ( Unfortunately, these users don't get to fully utilize the internet connection here in the Philippines because of its slow speed. A good example is whenever goods are to and from the Philippines, there would be a possibility of late delivery because of the message delay of the trucking companies here in the Philippines. This is also the same with retailing because goods could not be delivered on time due to slow internet connection. And since Thus, people, most especially business owners, would not rely on these services. Many use the internet as a job-searching tool because the internet presents a great opportunity for people but, with a slow connection, hiring will take a while. Private companies that have a significant effect on the country's economy will have a delay in production just because of slow internet connection. Government services could also be delayed because of the slow connection and so will the business transactions be.

As of 2017, the Philippines is considered as one of the countries that has the slowest internet speed in Asia at a peak of 45 Mbps just in front of India who has a peak of 41.4 Mbps.( If the Philippine will increase its internet speed Fast page loading, and streaming will be faster for some online services (, It will help other companies to create there own websites for the convenience for the customers. Websites can be easily updated for the customers convenience ( Unless the people in power give notice to this problem, the country will be known for its slow and unchanged economic and would prohibit even the slightest development just all because of a slow internet connection.


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Submitted to: Mrs. Sheree Ann Del Rosario-Gaylican

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