Australian Citizenship Eligibility Changes April 2017

My partner is a British citizen lived here on and off since the age of 10 and has been a permanent resident for 2 years . He is hard working and never claimed unemployment benefits. He pays his taxes that provide subsides to university students. Now he wants to go to university to provide a better life for our young family. So that we have hope of buying a house. Under proposed changes he would have to pay full fees of $100k for his degree or wait another 3 years to start his degree. What about the NZ citizens brought here as children who may never be eligible to become citizens? Why should they be denied the right to better there education and in stead be stuck living as undereducated lower class or burdened with mountains of education debt? This bill is a serious blow to equality in Australia.

Carolyn Bedford, Brisbane, Australia
4 years ago
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