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Centrelink call centres are grossly understaffed, with 28 million calls getting the engaged signal in only seven months. Then there's the offices, where virtually nobody can talk to a human unless they are using the phones provided in the centrelink offices. 

Instead of pushing long term unemployed people into work for the dole programs which have failed to demonstrate adequate work outcomes, this petition is calling for Centrelink to employ their own customers.

Giving Centrelink jobs to long term unemployed welfare recipients makes sense: They come with self experiential training on policy, procedure and navigation of Centrelink operations. They need the work the most. Mutual obligations could be met without the expensive middlemen we call "job network providers" and customer service could be delivered by people with genuine empathy, understanding and respect for their customers. 

This too would also be good for the economy - more job creation, more people with money to spend, less people reliant on welfare. People ringing up about the robo-debts could be dealt with efficiently and get back to their jobs. If it were successful the government could even consider scrapping the outsourcing of overpriced compliance policing Job Networks and reintroduce the much more effective CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) that ran as a non profit agency. These things would help shift public perception of Centrelink to a much more positive light. The culture of Centrelink needs to change. People are losing their cool majorly with Centrelink service delivery! It's time we were treated like humans again! 

Let the department know that if they are so concerned with public confidence in their agency that it's about time they started making the Department of Human Services HUMAN again, by employing the humans who know the system so well - us on welfare. 

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