Child Care Teacher Abusing Children at Jeremiah Program Day Care Center

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I live in a subsidy housing program called the Jeremiah Program. In this program, it supports women who have children and would like to pursue their education. They have a day care center inside the building. It is mandatory that our children are enrolled in this day care center. 

Last Tuesday, I picked my three year old son up from their muscle room which is like a gym.  I noticed a bruise on his nose kind of resembled a burn mark. I asked my son what happened to his nose. He replied “Mr. Matt pinched my nose.” I was a little shocked by his response. Mr. Matt and three other staff members were in the room as well. I looked at Matt and asked him what happened. He said “Yeah, I pinched his nose.” I assumed they were joking. Maybe he bumped his nose and they are just saying that to be playful. I wiped his nose thinking maybe it’s a marker. Nope. It didn’t come off. Then, I took my son to the community room to eat dinner before I have to go to a mandatory empowerment class on Tuesday, so I have to feed him and take him back in. I asked a staff members to keep an eye on him while I go speak with Mr. Matt. 

I went back in the muscle room and stood by the door and I asked him what really happened. He said “I was playing with him, I pinched his nose and didn’t realize how hard I was pinching his nose.” My response was “Don’t ever touch or play with my son again. This is not sitting well with me.” “He said that’s fine.” And never once apologized. I told the director she said she would make a report however her report was written the next day according to what he had told her. 

Women came forth and start to explain how they have been having similar problems. A woman’s daughter had a hand mark on her arm and she said “Mr. Matt did it.” Another mother said her child had a bruise on their nose before. Another woman told me that she has heard this teacher yelling at my son. 

According to the mark left on my son nose he squeezed his nose really hard which is a really delicate spot on a child. Regardless of if he was playing or not he shouldn’t have played with my son this way and a lot of staff were telling me it was an accident. Since I have to have my son at this day care I would like him to be removed from the day care. I feel like the program should have my back. 

It is under investigation. However this petition could help me get Mr. Matt terminated. He is on leave and may get to come back. Please sign this petition to have this teacher terminated so that he will not be able to work with kids any longer.

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