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Department of Homeland Security, US Attorney General, US Congress: Stop requiring the carry of green cards at all times


Current federal law makes it a crime for an adult over the age of 18 to not carry their green cards on them at all times. While this is rarely enforced, it's an unnecessary burden. Here are some issues to consider:

1. The law is backwards, written in a day and age when computers did not exist, nor were driver licenses so ubiquitous

2. Green cards can be faked, no matter how many security devices you put in them. The best way to verify someone is here legally is to electronically verify their status

3. Since law enforcement can verify someone is who they say they are, it should not be a crime (currently a misdemeanor) to not carry a green card at all times. Knowing your social security number or alien number should be enough

4. Carrying your green card around all the time is like carrying your birth certificate or passport all the time

5. The current law makes legal immigrants prone to identity thieves

6. Replacing those documents is very costly (money, time off-work, etc.) and takes a long time (4-6 months)

7. A state ID or driver's license proves who you are - this should be enough to verify legal status too since that database is online too, like that of driver's licenses

Thank you.

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