Protect Protestors from Federal Officers

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The goal of this petition is to stop federal officers from detaining protestors in Portland, Oregon. These officers are arresting peaceful protestors in unmarked vehicles without identifying themselves. Gov. Kate Brown has described this as a “blatant abuse of power”.

This abuse of power is coming from the White House and Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf who has generalized the protestors in Portland as a “violent mob”, which is completely false. Mr. Trump said he wanted to “dominate” protesters by using federal agents because the local government “couldn’t handle it”. The federal officers have no reason to be intervening in Portland and are doing more harm than good.

One peaceful protester, Donavan La Bella, was holding a sign and was shot in the head by impact munition by a federal officer. He was hospitalized for a scull fracture. This violence would not have occurred if federal officers had not been sent to Portland unnecessarily. Numerous other protestors have been assaulted and arrested without a good cause. They are being given felony charges and are unable to post cash bail.

Members of Congress from Oregon have agreed that the agents are doing more harm than good. There is no excuse for this abuse of power and the Department of Justice and Homeland Security need to be held accountable and put a stop to this unlawful violence.


Here are some numbers and emails you can call and write to about the issue:

1. Representative John Lively:

(503) 986-1412

2. Representative Teresa Alanso Leon:

(503) 986-1422

3. Department of Homeland Security Headquarters

 (202) 282-8000

(202) 282-8495

4. Department of Justice

(202) 353-1555

5. U.S. Marshals Service Chief of Staff

(202) 307-9100

6. Attorney General William Barr

(202) 353-1555